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Town OKs $100,000 to battle wind farm

SOUTH LONDONDERRY — Londonderry voters overwhelmingly approved spending $100,000 to fight the proposed wind facility on Glebe Mountain during town meeting Tuesday. Voters also turned out of office a longtime Select Board member who had supported the wind project proposed by Glebe Mountain Energy LLC.
8 Mar 2006

Assembly hears wind-power debate

ALBANY — To some Upstate residents, massive windmills are “a blight on the landscape.” To environmentalists and energy companies, they are a low-cost energy source that can reduce society's dependence on oil and gas. The two sides squared off Tuesday at an Assembly hearing over the direction of the state's renewable energy programs. One thing both sides could agree on: this is a fight that is rippling across New York.
8 Mar 2006

Moving toward energy-efficient future

We strongly believe energy efficiency has a critical role in Vermont's energy future. And we support increasing the budget for efficiency as long as additional dollars are first targeted to areas of the state where additional efficiency investments help avoid costly expenditures on the state's electrical system.
8 Mar 2006

Wind-power rights sold

MONROE - An Oregon-based company has bought the right to develop one of New England's largest and most advanced wind-power projects here, plus another large project nearby in southern Vermont.
8 Mar 2006

Deal would move planned wind farm

SPANISH FORK — Residents, developers and city officials in Spanish Fork are inching closer to a mutual agreement that would relocate a planned wind farm that has generated the ire of homeowners near the area where it was originally planned to be built.
8 Mar 2006
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