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Driven By Wind Issue

Selectman Audrey Hearne said the state Legislature may impose a moratorium on wind development and proposed legislation requiring the state to help towns with legal fees for parties in the permit process is also pending.
30 Jan 2006

Noise Issues: Don Bly's Letter to the Windham Regional Commission

Windmills can create many vibrations and sounds at different frequencies depending on their size, the wind speed, whether the windmills are operating synchronously (in tandem or not); and whether the noise “beats” or throbs. The noise does not have to be loud to be disturbing. Pulsating low frequency noise can be very disturbing, especially at night when you are trying to sleep. Editor's Note: Don Bly cautions readers that while he has done his homework "I should not be quoted as being a sound or noise expert".
30 Jan 2006

The Cost of Wind Power

The bottom line is simply that the cost of power from wind farms turns out to be more than twice as expensive as power from conventional sources. You may not see this in your electrical bill but be assured it will be in your tax bill.
30 Jan 2006

Phony award

In a recent article by Jeanne Miles and Gail Montany, "Industrial Wind Tops News from NEK in 2005," reference is made to Shay Totten's piece in the Vermont Guardian, wherein he names David Rapaport and Mathew Rubin (the "R & R team") "Vermonters of the Year."
27 Jan 2006

Wind farm on Little Equinox

MANCHESTER - A public Interactive Wind Summit will be held on Feb. 11 from 9:30 a.m. -3:30 p.m. at Manchester Elementary-Middle School as the culminating event of a three-month community process over the proposed commercial wind farm on Little Equinox Mountain.
27 Jan 2006

Little agreement on Glebe Mt. wind project at hearing

Peter Pagnucco, of the Londonderry Planning Commission, made a passionate plea to the commission. He asked for help in enforcing the town plan, which does not allow for development on Glebe Mountain's ridgeline. "We're standing here alone, defending our plan against a deep-pocketed international corporation," he said, "and we need your help."
27 Jan 2006
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