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Turbine being built at Crowder College

NEOSHO, Mo. - Even on its side, lying in pieces, the thing is huge. Upright, it will dominate the skyline at Crowder College, towering over a small village of solar homes and the Missouri Alternative and Renewable Energy Technology Center that also will be built there.
25 Jan 2006

New wind farm planned

PEETZ — Xcel Energy and Invenergy Wind LLC have reached agreement on a power purchase contract for 200 megawatts of wind energy to be constructed in 2006-2007 by Logan Energy LLC, an affiliate of Invenergy Wind.
23 Jan 2006

Wind energy not a panacea

To be sure, we are at a crossroads in energy and need all kinds of ideas to supply the enormous demand that is now filled by fossil fuels; however, I’m not ready to surrender the last open prairies to this version of energy independence.
21 Jan 2006

"Dispatchable" as a Product Characteristic, and How to Deal With It in Markets

Control room operators (and, by extension, system operators) have issues with both supply-side and demand-side dispatchability of resources. Derek's comment points to the supply-side issue with wind; the physical challenge of incorporating wind into the grid is that you have to produce power when the wind is blowing, and you can't control that. It's not like powering a gas turbine up or down, which is much more amenable to the centralized control paradigm in which the control room operators have traditionally functioned in the regulated environment.
20 Jan 2006
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