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Michael Dell-Backed Noble Environmental Files for Bankruptcy

Noble is a holding company for seven wind parks in New York and Texas, capable of generating 726 megawatts of energy. The wind-power company’s subsidiaries, which own and operate the seven wind farms, didn’t file for bankruptcy. Among Noble Environmental’s most valuable assets, according to court papers, are $691 million in so-called net operating losses, which a reorganized company can use to offset future taxes.
15 Sep 2016

Open letter regarding wind energy in Henry County Indiana

Henrycounty-edc_wind_policy_letter_thumb The New Castle-Henry County Economic Development Corporation issued an open letter to Henry County officials Tuesday stating that the EDC will no longer pursue future wind development within the county. The letter was signed by New Castle-Henry County EDC President and Chief Executive Officer Corey Murphy and approved by the EDC’s executive board. The letter can be downloaded by clicking the document icon on this page. The full text of the letter is provided below.
30 Aug 2016
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