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UK Wind farms paid record £.9.3m to switch off their turbines 23 May
UK Public inquiry to take place over 'land grab' plant at famous golf links. 20 May
UK Global green energy growth to fall for first time in 20 years: IEA 20 May
Europe Germany UK Renewables Infrastructure Group acquires stake in German wind farm, exits Swedish project 15 May
UK Windfarm suffers blade damage 15 May
UK Revised arrangements for Hoy wind farm consultation 14 May
Ireland UK Coronavirus: Scots communities health alarm over wind farm work restart using Irish workers 7 May
UK Questions raised over green energy 6 May
UK New heavy-lift crane due to work at giant Scottish wind project ‘collapses’ 4 May
UK Campaigners’ fears for rural areas with almost two-thirds of proposed major wind farms in north Scotland 1 May
UK Wind farm developer successfully petitions for judicial review against MoD 22 Apr
UK Residential amenity compromised by wind farm 20 Apr
UK National Grid may pay wind farms to shut down as demand for electricity drops 20 per cent during pandemic 17 Apr
UK Wind farm opposition groups concerned that developers will take advantages of temporary change in planning legislation 17 Apr
UK Scotland's wind power growth at a standstill 6 Apr
UK Keltbray demolishes huge wind turbine with explosives 17 Mar
UK Energy bill hikes to pay for £69m Scots wind farm compensation 14 Mar
UK Is there hope for CS Wind? 13 Mar
UK Controversial plans for giant wind farm in the Rhinns of Kells in New Galloway scrapped 12 Mar
UK Extra high turbines at controversial Denbigh wind farm development 'adds insult to injury' 11 Mar
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