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UK Airport voices concern over wind farm plans 11 Jan
UK Wind farms paid £100m to switch power off 8 Jan
UK Green activists withdraw adverts which falsely claim price of wind farm energy has fallen by 50 per cent 27 Dec 2017
UK Endangered species? Ecotricity flicks switch on new English onshore wind farm 8 Dec 2017
UK Kirkby Moor Wind Farm plan REJECTED after impassioned local opposition 5 Dec 2017
UK Carrick wind turbine plans blown off course as giants fail in bid 1 Dec 2017
UK Lamprell : to make "significant loss" on UK wind farm project 30 Nov 2017
UK No subsidies for green power projects before 2025, says UK Treasury 23 Nov 2017
UK Control for Low Carbon Levies 23 Nov 2017
UK Green light for £37m Co Tyrone wind farm a decade after plans first drawn 22 Nov 2017
UK Are wind farms curtailing the red kite population? 20 Nov 2017
UK Campaigners’ joy over rejection of wind farm appeal 19 Nov 2017
UK 'A first for Scotland': Sneddon's Law windfarm blocked over safe water fears 17 Nov 2017
UK Call to monitor Scottish wind farms for impact on protected wildlife 13 Nov 2017
UK 'Potentially catastrophic' wind turbines next to road will stay 11 Nov 2017
UK Gone with the wind! National Grid pays operators £350million to switch off turbines producing too much power 11 Nov 2017
UK Offshore wind strike prices: Behind the headlines 10 Nov 2017
UK Is the reputation of Scottish offshore wind on the line? 10 Nov 2017
UK Government steps in to stop new wind farm near Louth 10 Nov 2017
UK Wind farms turn woman's home into 'torture chamber' 8 Nov 2017
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