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UK Big blow for Fife windfarm plan 19 Oct 2017
UK Could time run out to repair a fire damaged wind turbine in Harrogate? 19 Oct 2017
UK Community wind farm stake offer dismissed 14 Oct 2017
UK Crossburns wind farm plan rejected 13 Oct 2017
UK ‘Giant wind turbines are not wanted in Hartlepool,’ opponents tell Government inspector 11 Oct 2017
UK A huge wind turbine could be built in the Valleys despite fears over Cardiff Airport-bound planes 7 Oct 2017
UK Inspectors find turbine breaches noise limits 3 Oct 2017
UK Adele's eco warrior husband hits out at '10-year scars' left by wind farms on his Sussex home county 2 Oct 2017
UK ‘Strong concerns’ lodged by MP Norman Lamb and parish councils over wind farm off Norfolk coast 28 Sep 2017
UK Weybourne faces up to 11 years of disruption for wind farm construction 16 Sep 2017
UK Council committee objects to Hadyard Hill extension 5 Sep 2017
UK Britain's largest landowner warned plan to build huge wind farm 'will poison waterways with lead' 3 Sep 2017
UK Wind gravy train 29 Aug 2017
UK David and Goliath battle over island windfarm 21 Aug 2017
UK RSPB seeks permission from Supreme Court to appeal 16 Aug 2017
UK £2bn wind farm and hundreds of jobs at stake unless RSPB backs down, says developer 14 Aug 2017
UK Giant turbines at testing site damage our health, claim neighbours 14 Aug 2017
UK The Scottish wind-power racket 10 Aug 2017
UK Wilson warns of ‘sinister’ campaign to back wind turbines plan 10 Aug 2017
UK SNP Government criticised for overturning council wind farm decisions 3 Aug 2017
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