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UK Trouble on the horizon as new breed of wind turbines looms large 1 Oct 2019
UK Bird fears delay decision on building world's biggest wind farm off north Norfolk coast 27 Sep 2019
UK Giant wind turbine destroyed in blaze near major road 27 Sep 2019
UK Energy: Campaigners 'would fight' more turbines off Wales coast 26 Sep 2019
UK Hunterston turbine demolition 26 Sep 2019
UK Bird legal battle had ‘dire’ effect on project 18 Sep 2019
UK Radar-cameras deployed to study seabirds at offshore wind farm 6 Sep 2019
Europe UK RSPB comments re: Hornsea Three Development Consent Order 6 Sep 2019
UK Villagers complain their noisy neighbours are making life 'unbearable' 3 Sep 2019
UK A glaring engineering mistake that make wind turbines inefficient 27 Aug 2019
UK The green energy debate: are wind farms really worth it? 25 Aug 2019
UK Calls to scrap giant wind farm that could actually threaten environment 25 Aug 2019
UK Green energy: why wind power will never be the answer 25 Aug 2019
UK National Grid electricity blackout report points to failure at wind farm 16 Aug 2019
UK Transport chaos across England and Wales after major power cuts 9 Aug 2019
UK London Blackout Blamed on Drop in Wind and Natural-Gas Power 9 Aug 2019
UK Electricity bills could double to bail out new wind farms, report claims 28 Jul 2019
UK Skilled workers turn to food banks after wind farm contract sell-off​ 14 Jul 2019
UK Scots would reject onshore wind turbines if given choice 5 Jul 2019
UK Hypothermia, falls and electrocution – figures lay bare Scotland’s windfarm injuries 4 Jul 2019
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