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Offshore windfarms 'wild west' of renewable energy, union warns

Nautilus has dubbed the sector that operates boats for the UK's offshore windfarms the "wild west" of renewable energy. The union says basic safety rules are not being enforced, bullying and harassment are commonplace, crews lack training and are often forced to work in sea conditions beyond recommended limits. ...there is solid evidence of widespread malpractice and says Hammond's comments "smack of complacency."
14 Feb 2014

Anglesey wind turbines catch fire in storm

Angleseyturbinefire-6706029_thumb Mrs Shortman said another turbine caught fire on the other side of her house 20 minutes later. "I've never seen it happen before. There were sparks coming off the turbines. I was worried they might set the other turbines on fire. After an hour, they seemed to burn themselves out, but were still flickering as if they might start again. The hubs of the turbines are all burnt today, but they're still spinning."
13 Feb 2014

Wind turbine blade shears off

A blade that flew off a wind turbine into a field earmarked for development could have killed someone, says a Copeland councillor. The high winds were so strong last Thursday that an arm of the turbine at Seascale School flew off and landed 200 yards away in a field.
12 Dec 2013

Fears for RAF pilots halt plan for huge windfarm

Military top brass are becoming increasingly worried about the number of turbines in the region and have told the Scottish Government that a proposed development near Keith could jeopardise the safety of fast jets returning to the Lossiemouth base at up to 500mph.
30 Nov 2013

Probe launched after man falls from Bacup wind turbine

“We were called out at 2.38 to Flower Scar Road near Todmorden. “A man had fallen inside the turbine. Police, fire and ambulance attended. He was taken to Preston hospital for non-life threatening injuries. “The incident has been reported to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).”
24 Nov 2013

UK wind farms put on alert after series of GE blade failures; GE investigating blade failure crisis

The company has installed over 20,000 wind turbines worldwide and has received several orders for the high performance 1.6-100 turbine in the UK. To date, GE has supplied or is under contract to supply more than 163.10 MWs of wind turbines to the UK. Fears of a flaw in the huge structures could be costly to the company and heighten public safety concerns.
23 Nov 2013

Jet fears for wind farm

In the consultation response Claire Duddy from the MoD said: “The turbines will be within the overlapping low flying areas of 13 and 20T where flight as low as 100ft is authorised. In conjunction with operations at RAF Spadeadam, aircraft are responding to air defence threat systems and the addition of turbines in this location is a flight safety hazard as well as compromising the ability to train.
11 Oct 2013

Fire chief fights school blaze as crews strike

Mr Webb said it was thought the school’s solar panels caused the fire, but that investigations were ongoing. “It was an extremely hot fire,” he said. “And it could have caused some substantial damage if we had not been available to do some fire-fighting.” Read more: Follow us: @thisisleics on Twitter | thisisleicestershire on Facebook  
26 Sep 2013

Unmanned barge almost hits Teesside offshore wind farm

Humber Coastguard was first contacted by the towing vessel just before 3am this morning, which reported that the barge was drifting after the tow had parted. The vessel had made a number of attempts to reconnect but was struggling to do so. The wind at the time was a North Westerley force 6 (25-30mph) with a 3-4 metre swell.
11 Sep 2013

How 40mph winds wrecked this turbine

Turbine_destroyed_in_highwinds_thumb Two blades of the turbine were torn off altogether following storms last week, with one piece of debris estimated to have been thrown about 60 yards, after a suspected technical fault was 'magnified' by the wind. The incident has prompted calls for similar structures to be removed from nearby schools.
4 Sep 2013

Wind turbine destroyed by wind

Two blades were ripped from the 18m high turbine in the Scottish Highlands and thrown up to 60 yards away after it was hit by 40mph gales. A third was left badly buckled. The incident has led to calls for all wind turbines to be removed from school playgrounds in the Highlands as the council's safety trigger for turbines to be shut down currently stands at 80mph winds.
4 Sep 2013
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