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UK Weird ‘wind drought’ means Britain’s turbines are at a standstill 17 Jul 2018
UK Backing for huge wind farm off Norfolk coast, but concerns over safety on county’s roads 10 Jul 2018
UK Queen Elizabeth makes millions from the U.K.’s offshore wind farms 28 Jun 2018
UK Wind farm ‘could wipe out a third of wildcats’ 21 Jun 2018
Ireland UK Ireland's state-owned power firm behind Scots wind farm bid 15 Jun 2018
UK Council rejects plan for new wind turbines 7 Jun 2018
UK Government greenlight for onshore wind subsidies - as long as they’re on an island 7 Jun 2018
UK Britain Becalmed: Turbines across the UK are at a standstill after wind 'disappears' for a week causing a two-year low in electricity production 6 Jun 2018
UK Tories accuse SNP of wind farm ‘money grab’ 5 Jun 2018
UK Regular refresher training could prevent wind farm fatalities 5 Jun 2018
UK Short-changed Speyside communities press for face-to-face talks with energy boss to resolve wind farm row 4 Jun 2018
UK Wind turbine fire in the Fens 30 May 2018
UK £1m wind turbine bursts into flames after lightning strike 30 May 2018
UK Gamesa turbine catches fire at UK wind farm 30 May 2018
UK £30m wind farm plan ditched because judge doesn't believe developer's promise to reduce energy bills 28 May 2018
UK Dismissal of plans for Big Field Wind Farm 'will be a huge sigh of relief' for local people, says MP 28 May 2018
UK A ‘hostile environment’ for renewables: Why has UK clean energy investment plummeted? 20 May 2018
UK Trump letter to Cameron complains of turbines 'blighting' Scottish landscape 5 May 2018
UK Cookstown wind farm plan refused 3 May 2018
UK New plan on table for Lewis wind turbine schemes 3 May 2018
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