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'Mini-nukes’ beat monster wind farms on every count

As we look on in mounting horror at the incredible crisis being created by our government’s insanely skewed “green” energy policies, it is time for a new ingredient to be inserted into the debate: the possibility of producing almost unlimited quantities of reliable, CO2-free electricity very much cheaper than that from those absurdly inefficient wind farms. Two American firms, backed by the US Department of Energy, are now well advanced in developing factory-built “mini-nuclear power plants”.
19 Sep 2013

UK government rejects current Severn barrage plans

Plans for a tidal barrage generating power on the Severn estuary were dealt a further blow on Wednesday when the government ruled out proceeding on current plans. However, ministers said if major changes were made to the scheme, with new environmental studies and reassurances over financing and technology, it could be revived and given serious consideration.
18 Sep 2013

Wind farms and renewable energy: a modern version of a medieval scam

Of course, it is not the technology of wind turbines I object to. Nor even really the look of them. It's the subsidy I can't stomach. Wind turbines are a costly means of producing electricity, but a wonderful way of generating a cash income from subsidy. Even if we accept the most optimistic projections, few if any of the wind farms would have been built by private investors – without a massive subsidy.
16 Sep 2013

‘Stealth’ wind farm turned down by councillors

Speaking in opposition to the turbine, local resident Mrs Harvey told councillors that feeling in the village was “higher than it had ever been” against the application. She added: “They know a wind farm won’t be approved, so they do it one by one.” “This would be the third turbine to be built within 300m, how is this not a wind farm?”
9 Sep 2013

MP steps up fight to stop county being ‘blighted by wind turbines'

Former Shadow Home Secretary David Davis is backing villagers in their fight against yet another wind turbine on their doorsteps. The Haltemprice and Howden MP said villagers objecting to an application by ACS Scutt and Son for a site between Hive and Eastrington had a strong case as they already have to live with the 10-turbine Sixpennywood Farm nearby.
6 Sep 2013

Battle lines drawn over plan for eleven 400ft wind turbines

The opposition camp spearheaded by campaign group Communities Against Rural Exploitation (CARE) is hoping the plan will not get that far. Its list of concerns are numerous, and include house prices, noise and visual impact. Chris Heard, from the group, said the community benefits would not outstrip the detrimental impact on the village.
5 Sep 2013

Wind turbine plans for Cumbrian farm likely to be thrown out

Bridekirk, Dearham and Broughton Moor parish councils are all recommending that the plans be refused and the council has received 45 letters of objection with reasons to throw the application out ranging from views over the Solway being spoilt, property prices being affected and a negative impact on tourism.
3 Sep 2013

Windfarm plans are withdrawn

Developers have dramatically withdrawn a planning application for Hill of Braco windfarm, north of Hatton, just days before it was due to go before councillors on the Cuchan Area Committee. PNE Wind UK say the decision is to give them further time to consider comments by key stakeholders and local residents.
1 Sep 2013

My house dropped £100,000 in value because of wind farm: Artist's fury after council approves 400ft turbines 500 yards from converted farmhouse

Christopher Fiddes hoped his lovingly restored Georgian home would be a nest egg for his daughter. ...After fully renovating the property, he asked estate agents for a valuation. He was horrified when they told him that since the wind farm was approved eight months ago, his home has plummeted in value from £400,000 to £300,000.
25 Aug 2013

Landowner U-turn ends turbine bid

Plans to build a controversial wind turbine near Cardigan have been dropped after a landowner pulled out of the project. Huw Jones from Ferwig has told Awel Deg that he is no longer willing to have the turbine built in one of his fields following opposition from the local community.
21 Aug 2013

Alex Salmond attacked over £2 million payment to shut down Scottish wind farms

A spokesman said this can happen through a combination of blustery conditions and temperatures that are too warm for households to be using heating and too mild for air conditioning. The situation is made worse because the transmission network lacks the capacity to transport much of the electricity generated by wind farms in rural Scotland to urban centres in England where it is most needed.
13 Aug 2013

Wind lobby cites jobs risk as law change enables high court challenge

The group was responding to a landmark case concerning a small proposed development in Berwickshire by Wind Direct, where a local householder has been allowed to take Scottish Borders Council to the Court of Session over the erection of two 110m-high turbines less than one kilometre from her house in the conservation village of Cockburnspath.
4 Aug 2013
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