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Pickles extends wind farm appeal crackdown

Deputy chief executive Maf Smith said: "Telling local authorities that they can’t decide on wind applications runs counter to the principles of the Localism Act, and introducing more delays is anti-business. The extension is a costly mistake for the UK.
10 Apr 2014

Wind turbine plan scaled back

RES says having “considerdered the project afresh”, which was for 22 wind turbines, it is now proposing 14 turbines. These would be positioned further away from housing than the original plans, which had prompted the formation of an action group to campaign against the plans.
5 Apr 2014

David Cameron could make manifesto pledge to get 'rid' of wind farms

David Cameron wants to go into the next election pledging to “rid” the countryside of onshore wind farms, a source close to the Prime Minister has said. Mr Cameron wants to toughen planning laws and tear up subsidy rules to make current turbines financially unviable – allowing the Government to “eradicate” turbines, the source said.
3 Apr 2014

SSE price freeze: what does it mean

Buried beneath the eye-catching price freeze announcement, SSE has also landed a major blow to the government's offshore wind hopes by either abandoning or kicking into the long grass plans to build six of seven possible offshore wind farms.
26 Mar 2014

Trump gets second chance to oppose windfarm plans

Clare County Council has ruled that revised plans submitted by Clare Coastal Wind Power, for the proposed development of a wind farm in the townlands of Carrowmore South, Einagh and Shragh, about two kilometres south of Doonbeg village, are no longer valid.
22 Mar 2014

Wind farms add to Independence Bill

Green power generators in Scotland raked in more than £600million in public subsidies last year, with 91.5 per cent coming from electricity bills in the rest of the UK. However, the drive to become the “Saudi Arabia of renewables” is expected to push that figure to about £3billion a year by 2020.
22 Mar 2014

Irish wind farms confident they'll achieve deal for exports to the UK

Ireland's wind-farm developers counting on a trade deal that would allow them to benefit from UK power subsidies said they are confident an agreement will be reached. ..."The one thing we need is the route to market, which is the United Kingdom," he says. "We couldn't finance the project unless we had the support mechanisms which the importing countries would pay us."
16 Mar 2014

SSE pulls out of two onshore wind projects in Scotland

The firm had submitted planning applications to the Scottish government to build an 81 megawatt (MW) Dalnessie wind farm in Sutherland and for an extension to its 36 MW Fairburn wind farm in Ross-shire. The firm said that continued investment in developing the projects was no longer financially viable.
24 Feb 2014

Wind farms paid £30m to shut down during high winds

Onshore wind farms are being paid £30 million a year to sit idle during the windiest weather. The payments are made because the cables which transmit power from the turbines to the National Grid cannot cope with the amount of electricity they produce during stormy conditions.
23 Feb 2014

Large-scale wind power schemes 'in retreat'

The spread of wind turbines across the Westcountry has slowed in the wake of Government guidelines designed to prevent council decisions being routinely overturned on appeal. Communities secretary Eric Pickles introduced the policy steer for planners last summer in a bid to quell a growing backlash against the proliferation of renewable energy schemes.
22 Feb 2014

The best deal offered to Scotland or just bribery? Two communities split by wind farm

One, the village of Kirknewton, is mostly thrilled at the prospect of a new wind farm, which stands to deliver many millions - but which cannot be seen from there because it is five miles away. Then there is the other, the people living near to the site, some of whom may not only see the turbines, but hear them, and who are mostly not happy at all. A ballot has shown they are 95% against.
16 Feb 2014

Wind farm over Bury could double in size

A wind farm overlooking Bury could double in size, if plans are given the green light. Peel Energy and United Utilities have announced a joint venture to expand Scout Moor Wind Farm and install an extra 26 wind turbines within the existing wind farm and in an area to the north of the site.
13 Feb 2014

Dorset coast windfarm scaled back again

Navitus Bay Development Ltd said that the northernmost ‘top triangle’ of the development will be removed, meaning the site, in places, will now be 3.8km further offshore than previously announced. It says the move will reduce the visual impact of the plans. It is the second time the boundary has moved back.
6 Feb 2014
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