Articles from Texas

Texas Wind turbine blades falling off Addison’s water tower result in $1 million flop, crazy lawsuit 1 Feb
Oklahoma Tennessee Texas Environmentalists blast TVA for killing major wind project 31 Dec 2017
USA Texas Texas wind energy projects worth about $11 billion threatened by U.S. House tax vote today 16 Nov 2017
New Mexico Texas Massive Xcel wind project draws criticism from PRC staff 6 Nov 2017
Texas Study: Proposed change to Texas power pricing could hurt wind sector 13 Oct 2017
Texas Court talks wind farms 5 Oct 2017
Texas Wind turbines proposed on nearby land 26 Sep 2017
Texas HISD accepts wind farm application 31 Aug 2017
Colorado Texas Invenergy worker killed in wind farm accident 29 Aug 2017
USA Texas City Pledges for ‘100% Renewable Energy’ Are 99% Misleading 5 Aug 2017
Texas County begins review of wind farm 3 Aug 2017
Texas Process of investigating turbine collapse to take weeks 22 Jun 2017
Texas And the wind turbine comes tumbling down 22 Jun 2017
Texas Wind turbine collapses in Windthorst 21 Jun 2017
Texas In cattle country, rare wind gusts upend the Texas energy market 20 Jun 2017
USA Texas Navy study: Wind farms could significantly degrade air traffic control radar detection 20 Jun 2017
Texas South Texas officials praise military base protection bill passage 9 Jun 2017
Texas Wind Turbine catches fire in Donley County 8 Jun 2017
Texas Bill to limit wind farms near military installations goes to the Senate 25 May 2017
Texas House OKs limits on wind projects near military bases 22 May 2017
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