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Commission orders northern route

The order came after more than 700 intervenors filed tens of thousands of pages of documents, provided four days of testimony to a panel of state judges, paid millions in legal fees for help with the nine-month battle and packed several rooms.
3 Mar 2011

Suit filed against Broadwind Energy

Earlier in the week, an Atlanta-based law firm had issued a news release saying it was investigating Broadwind. The Friday news release states that purchasers of common stock between March 17, 2009, and Aug. 9, 2010, may be part of the lawsuit.
12 Feb 2011

Gulf coast wind farms spring up, as do worries

But the arrival of turbines along the Gulf shores has spawned a range of concerns, like their impact on birds and coastal habitat and the turbines’ effect on military radar. “I think it’s a tragedy for the state and the coast,” said Jack Hunt, the former chief executive of the storied 825,000-acre King Ranch, which is next door to the Kenedy Ranch, where Iberdrola and another developer, Pattern Energy, have recently erected wind farms.
11 Feb 2011

High winds halt turbines

The low temperatures were also a challenge, staying below freezing for days and falling below zero several nights. "Temperature-related errors caused turbines to go down," said Brad Christopher, who supervises maintenance for Edison Mission Group at the Wildorado Wind Ranch about 20 miles west of Amarillo. "Thick gear oil, thick hydraulic fluid."...Christopher said about half of the 70 turbines at Wildorado were operating by Friday afternoon.
5 Feb 2011

King Canute Revisited

Texas loves to talk up the fact that it is the biggest wind power state and even ranks high world-wide compared to other countries. But somehow, that didn't seem to serve the residents of the great Lone Star State on February 2. ...But no worries, I have the perfect solution: Next time power plants are "tripping," ERCOT should issue an order for the wind to blow harder in West Texas.
3 Feb 2011

Here's what (probably) caused the rolling blackouts

It appears, some coal plants went offline due to cold-weather problems, taking a large chunk of electricity out of the grid. Luminant, a major power-generation company, confirmed that its two coal units at the Oak Grove plant in Robertson County failed, as did two units at a coal plant in Milam County. "We are in various stages of startup and operation for that group." Three of these four units only began operating in the last few years.
3 Feb 2011

Moving to 'green jobs' proves tough

But colleges face the same riddles confounding city leaders in their quest to be on the leading edge of the green economy. What exactly is a green job, and how do you gauge demand in the marketplace? Does a green job require a degree or special certification? "I really don't know what a green job is."
27 Dec 2010

County close to deals on wind farms

BP agreed to pay Young County $12,500 per megawatt in lieu of a 100 percent abatement on property taxes. Cantrell, the private attorney hired to represent the county in the wind farm negotiations, said BP agreed to put at least 50 megawatts in Young County. "Our reimbursement we'll see from BP is tied to the operating capacity of the project," Cantrell said.
22 Dec 2010

Comptroller Combs: Industry-wooing incentives too costly

Texans are paying too much to attract major economic development projects, particularly farms of wind-powered electric generators, according to a study by the office of Texas Comptroller Susan Combs. ...The report shows that the cost per job is 40 times what the state spends on projects that earn grants from the governor's Texas Enterprise Fund.
20 Dec 2010

Wind farm project has yet to be approved

Archer County residents have been waiting years to find out whether or not the county will follow through with a proposed wind farm. Tuesday, Archer County Commissioners met to vote on it, but instead they tabled the item to be discussed next Monday. Currently they are in talks with BP Energy about the tax abatement.
8 Dec 2010

Wind's future share in doubt

A recent study by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on the future of natural gas found that 80 years' worth of global natural gas consumption could be developed profitably with a gas price of $4 per 1,000 cubic feet or below. Plans for nuclear plants and wind farms were made under the assumption that gas prices would average $7 to $9.
16 Oct 2010

Family casting fortune to winds; Green energy option getting attention on Isle

Shane said only a few products offered by turbine manufacturers lived up to their claims. Some claims bordered on the fraudulent like the one that barely generated power to run a laptop computer. ...The Bealls settled on two 18-foot tall vertical blade turbines; a similar height turbine with a "ball" blade that is quiet; and a 90-foot hybrid, horizontal blade turbine that works in tandem with solar cells.
19 Sep 2010

150 Willacy wind turbines planned

A deal has been signed with Duke Energy to build a wind farm in Willacy County, with long-range plans for as many as 250 of the huge structures, interim County Judge Aurelio "Keter" Guerra said this past week.
15 Aug 2010

Peñascal Wind Farm in Kenedy County fully operational

The 168 wind turbines spinning at Iberdrola Renewables' farm in Kenedy County now are producing power for the state electric grid, company officials announced Wednesday. Last April, 84 of the turbines began feeding the grid and in May, the remaining 84 became operational.
23 Jun 2010

Proposed windmill farm causes LAFB concern

The proposed Lewis Ranch wind farm in the Anacacho Mountain Range in Kinney County is causing some concern for Laughlin Air Force Base officials. Laughlin AFB submitted an evaluation to the FAA on Dec. 10, 2009, and is still waiting the FAA's evaluation. ...According to Harris, the United States Air Force is conducting a nation-wide study on the effects wind farms have on flight operations.
3 Jun 2010

Wind power losing its punch

The high cost of building wind farms and transmitting their electricity to population centers coupled with a reduced price advantage has slowed the growth of the industry nationwide. ...Texas has some of America's best wind acreage, but the wind blows hardest and most often during times of the day when Texas needs power the least. The question on whether wind power can deliver when needed the most tempers interest.
1 Jun 2010
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