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State needs to right their wrong

Landowners across the Hill Country are learning that their pristine private property is now going to be condemned for a 260-foot right-of-way so the state can install 180 foot tall towers on their land. And, when the electricity starts to flow, they can't even tap into it because it will be a "pass-through" that only benefits big city users. ...So, landowners are relegated to spending their hard-earned money fighting utility companies, hiring lawyers to argue in front of administrative law judges, and showing up at public hearings only to be ignored and mocked by arrogant bureaucrats paid by our tax dollars.
18 Jun 2010

Oncor seeks input on transmission line

Oncor has scheduled public meetings today through Thursday to get comment on a transmission line that will run from the proposed Krum West switching station to an existing switching station in Anna. The new line is part of a project bringing more wind power from the Panhandle and West Texas to the Dallas-Fort Worth area.
14 Jun 2010

Central Texas landowners win fight to reroute major high-voltage transmission line for wind power project

The "Bluff Creek to Brown" transmission line - a major transmission project for wind energy that terminates just south of Abilene - originally would have sliced through 10 private rural ranches and farms owned by members of the Heart of Texas Landowner's Coalition. But the PUC ordered a new route after the coalition and others presented evidence to protect their interests.
13 Jun 2010

Major transmission project for wind energy reaffirmed for Central Texas

The "Bluff Creek to Brown" transmission line - a major transmission project for wind energy that terminates just south of Abilene - originally would have sliced through 10 private rural ranches and farms owned by members of the Heart of Texas Landowner's Coalition. But the PUC ordered a new route after the coalition and others presented evidence to protect their interests.
12 Jun 2010

Power line expansion through county on hold

The chances that the presence of wind power transmission lines will be expanded in Gillespie County have decreased this week following a directive by the state's Public Utilities Commission. On Thursday, the three-man commission asked the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) to "conduct a thorough reevaluation of the need for the Gillespie-to-Newton line".
10 Jun 2010

Utility commission rejects route of line to bring wind power from West Texas

A final decision on the route of an electric line intended to carry wind power from West Texas through the Hill Country took a tumble Friday after the state agency nixed the options before it. The Public Utility Commission voted to send the route of the electric line, to be built and operated by the Lower Colorado River Authority, back to the drawing board. The river authority had spent years homing in on nearly a dozen possible routes for the line.
24 Apr 2010

PUC: Wind-energy plan can proceed

The Public Utility Commission gave informal approval Thursday to a schedule to restart wind-energy transmission development in the Panhandle. A joint proposal by interested parties like transmission builders puts Cross Texas Transmission filing for approval of its first segment May 3 and Sharyland Utilities' first filing June 14.
2 Apr 2010

PUC expected to make decision on wind transmission lines in April

After a string of hearings, open houses and debates, the Public Utility Commission is preparing to make decisions in April on the hotly contested routes for the transmission lines bearing West Texas wind power to the central part of the state. On April 15, the PUC will take up a portion that runs from Fredericksburg to Kempner, which is just east of Lampasas, that will be operated by the Lower Colorado River Authority.
31 Mar 2010

Power line plans jolt Hill Country

A sense of bitter resignation permeates the Hill Country over proposals for new electric transmission lines now advancing through state and federal regulatory processes. ..."The picture I have is, you know there's a burglar coming in your neighborhood but you don't know whose home he's going to hit," Campbell, 58, said Friday. "The problem is the burglar is the government, with the right of eminent domain."
29 Mar 2010

Group objects to transmission line route

A state judge has handed down her recommendation from a February hearing during which dozens of landowners spoke out on the route of a planned 345-kilovolt transmission line ending in Kempner that would cross or pass near their properties. The route recommended by Administrative Law Judge Wendy K. L. Harvel on March 18 is different from the line-builder's preferred route.
27 Mar 2010

Group opposes electric transmission line

Concerned about the effect an electric transmission line could have on Montague County, a group of citizens met with the commissioners court asking for their support in opposing the proposed routes. ...[Forestburg area resident Pat] Guedry said he was surprised at the lack of knowledge in the county on this project. The proposed transmission line would be 135 to 150 miles long, depending on the route approved by the Public Utilities Commission, and covers eight counties.
22 Feb 2010

Commissioners voice opposition to transmission lines

Young County commissioners voted unanimously Monday to oppose a proposed transmission power line near the city of Graham. Commissioners said they were not opposed to the line itself but did not want to see the line built near Graham, where the impact on current and potential residential property is greatest. "It looks to me like good common sense would take that line north of Graham lake," Precinct 2 Commissioner John C. Bullock said.
9 Feb 2010

City of Garland v Public Utility Commission of Texas - judgement

Judge_yelenosky_letter_thumb In 2005, the Texas Legislature adopted Senate Bill 20 which directed the Public Utility Commission of Texas ('PUCT') to select the most productive wind zones in the State and devise a transmission plan to deliver wind energy from these remote areas to the State's urban centers. Five Competitive Renewable Energy Zones ('CREZs') were identified in West Texas and the Panhandle for the construction of new wind energy generation. In 2008, the PUCT ordered the construction of new transmission to support up to 18,456 megawatts of wind energy capacity at an estimated cost of $4.93 billion, or approximately $4.00 per month per residential customer once construction was completed. The costs were to be reflected as rate increases. In its order from March 2009, the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT), named thirteen companies to build the new electric transmission lines.
21 Jan 2010

Judge orders halt to work on wind transmission project

A ruling by an Austin judge will freeze work on high voltage power lines to take electricity from West Texas wind energy projects to other parts of the state. State District Judge Stephen Yelenosky reversed an order from the Public Utility Commission awarding billions of dollars in transmission projects, siding with arguments from the city of Garland that the PUC failed to properly consider low-cost public power entities like Garland for the projects.
16 Jan 2010

District judge rules in favor of Texas ratepayers

In a big win for Texas ratepayers, state District Judge Stephen Yelenosky today has reversed an order of the PUC awarding billions of dollars of transmission projects. The City of Garland had alleged that the Public Utility Commission failed to properly consider the needs of electric customers when it awarded the wind-related projects last year and failed to realistically consider low-cost public power entities like Garland.
15 Jan 2010

Texas Panhandle's Palo Duro Canyon at center of debate over wind-power transmission lines

Sharyland Utilities, a unit of Hunt Consolidated, is one of the companies building a web of transmission lines to bring West Texas wind power to Dallas and other big cities. ...But Sharyland has proposed stringing one of the lines across the Palo Duro Canyon. ...Under three of five basic scenarios, the line would go from rim to rim of the second-largest canyon in the country. ...The Palo Duro Canyon power line is a dramatic example of the type of friction that accompanies the siting of many transmission lines. Other utilities building the wind lines face their own community concerns. PUC spokesman Terry Hadley said he expects most of the wind transmission lines to face opposition.
20 Dec 2009

500-plus sign canyon petition; Residents opposed to power lines

A petition asking the Texas Legislature to pass a law that would prohibit high-voltage power lines in the northern end of Palo Duro Canyon continues to grow with 522 signatures late Wednesday. The petition, posted online at on Sept. 16, is now the focus of a group called Protect North Palo Duro Canyon which is led by members of the Currie family, who own land along the route proposed by Sharyland Utilities.
26 Nov 2009

Transmission lines a highly charged subject; As routes planned, concerns arise

Wind energy in the Panhandle has become the darling of developers who see a profitable future. But establishing wind farms and erecting turbines are just part of the answer. Capturing the wind is an initial step; it's another matter to transport that energy. ...Bev Dampf recently addressed Randall County commissioners on the subject. He expressed frustration with a lack of support from the city of Amarillo and the county for opposition to a line proposed to run roughly along Sundown Lane just south of the city.
1 Nov 2009
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