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Federal wind energy grant paid for shopping sprees and vacations, accountant says

Timmins detailed the flow of money from the State Energy Conservation Office to the city of Jonestown to CM Energies to Central Texas Plastics and then back to Malouff's company. She said Central Texas Plastics submitted vouchers totaling $965,000 for work and materials but then sent most of the money -- $670,000 in checks -- back to Malouff's company.
13 Aug 2013

It's time we learn what green energy costs states and cities

Ironically, while taxpayers and utility ratepayers are being hammered coming and going to subsidize alternative energy and efficiency programs, the most reliable and cost-effective energy sources, fossil fuels, are the brunt of both political scorn and proposed tax increases. ...State legislators should press for those answers. We may be surprised at how much we spend for how little we receive.
28 Jul 2013

Texas' wind industry battens down

As the session progresses, renewable energy advocates are bracing to defend critical policies that have helped Texas become the leading wind-power state. The ascendancy of the Tea Party, an abundance of cheap natural gas and tighter budgets have reduced the sway of the wind industry. Solar power advocates anticipate limited gains at best.
15 Feb 2013

Texas wind boom threatened by expiring tax credit

Some wind experts think the credit extension will ultimately pass Congress, albeit after the November election ...others do not, and the industry is left to bemoan the difficulty of long-term planning. A one-year extension could mean the wrangling resumes next year. Hornaday said that Texas could benefit more than other states from a one-year extension because there are fewer rules here, making wind farms easier to build.
14 Sep 2012

Renewable incentives spark debate at Texas hearing

"Federal incentives for renewable energy, I believe, have distorted the competitive wholesale market" on the Texas grid, Nelson told the Senate Natural Resources Committee. Nelson said she believes those distortions are "one of the primary causes" of the current strains on the grid, and added: "I think we all need to move with extreme caution before adopting any additional incentives or mandates."
7 Sep 2012

Potential loss of tax credit becalms wind industry

Many supporters are optimistic that the credit will be renewed, but doubt it will happen before the November election. And a last-minute deal probably won't prevent mass casualties for the U.S. wind power business. "Most of the damage has already been done," said Matt DaPrato, senior analyst for IHS Emerging Energy Research. "There's going to be a big drop-off in 2013 either way."
11 Jul 2012

Economic impact evaluation of wind turbines in the vicinity of the Naval Air Station Kingsville

Bishop_cisd_ecr_developmnet_economic_impact_evaluation_and_recommendation_package_12-12-2011_thumb EC&R Development is proposing the construction of a wind power electric generation facility in Nueces County Texas. EC&R Development is an active franchise taxpayer, as required by Texas Tax Code Section 313.024(a) and is in good standing. After reviewing the application using the criteria listed in Section 313.026 and the information provided by EC&R Development, the Comptroller's recommendation is that EC&R Development's application under Tax Code Chapter 313 not be approved.
12 Dec 2011

Property tax bills coming, expect little if any change for Abilene, Taylor County

Trent ISD saw values plunge 35.1 percent, while values also slid for the city of Tye, Merkel ISD, the city of Buffalo Gap and Jim Ned Consolidated Independent School District. ...the changes have to do with wind turbines companies showing a tough business year. "The information that was brought to us by the wind turbine companies showed their income was down."
30 Sep 2011

Should state control tax breaks, benefits?

A wind farm of 160 megawatts only requires around seven maintenance workers after the horde of construction laborers leave. The comptroller's office criticizes the expense of those jobs, saying direct wind jobs are like "unicorns" and "mythical." "They bring in less jobs with the same capital investment as manufacturing," said Robert Wood, director of local government assistance and economic development at the Comptroller agency.
10 Jan 2011

Windfarm windfall: State study questions benefits

According to a study from the Texas Comptrollers office, Texas spends too much to bring in windfarm contracts with little benefits. The Clay County Judge and Horn Wind -- the company in talks to construct the wind farm -- feel the study may be valid for the state but not for the county. In fact, the Vice President of the clean energy company says the wind farm will attract business to the county and will benefit every resident.
20 Dec 2010

Report: Texas should revise school tax break incentives

Texas is overpaying to lure major economic development projects, particularly wind farms, under a state law that allows school districts to grant tax breaks to recruit capital-intensive industries, a new study by Texas Comptroller Susan Combs concludes. Granting school property tax breaks has helped Texas attract manufacturing plants ...but the program "has increasingly been used to over-incentivize projects that create few or no jobs."
19 Dec 2010
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