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Wind Farm Supplying Energy to San Antonio

The temperature has been at-or-above 99 degrees. We're all looking for a way to cool off. For many of us, it means turning on fans and air conditioners and CPS is reporting record demand. "We're meeting about close to 7 to 10% of that with wind energy. All depending on whether the wind is blowing in West Texas," said Theresa Brown Cortez, a spokesperson for CPS Energy.
19 Aug 2006

Panhandle Wind Power Could Help Light the Rest of Texas

For supply reasons, a power company doesn't want more than 12 percent of the power being generated by wind, Swinford said. While it seems the wind blows constantly, it doesn't, so coal or natural gas is needed for stability of supply. Xcel Energy, the power company serving the Texas Panhandle, is the No. 1 power company using wind in the nation, Swinford said. When all the planned wind farms are built in the Xcel service area, it will have reached its maximum 12 percent for the transmission lines here. "So we have to get some way to hook our wind to a line out of the Panhandle, because we're done," he said. "We don't have the people to justify more production up here."
14 Aug 2006

Summit to address use of wind energy

Wind energy figures compiled during one week are outdated by the next. That's because wind energy projects are expanding at such a rapid rate that numbers mean almost nothing, said Greg Wortham, executive director of the West Texas Wind Energy Consortium in Sweetwater. The group is hosting the inaugural Texas Wind Industrial Network Summit in San Angelo on Wednesday to discuss the exploding wind energy industry.
9 Aug 2006

Wind energy continues rise across region

FPL Energy's Horse Hollow 2 made West Texas the wind energy leader in the Americas when the project was energized in June. When Horse Hollow 3 is energized in a few weeks, the U.S. wind energy capacity will top the 10,000 megawatt threshold.
3 Aug 2006

Prairie wind: Texas tops in production

Texas capacity stands at 2,370 megawatts...... according to a midyear report to be released today by the American Wind Energy Association. That puts Texas slightly ahead of California, the nation's leader since 1981. California has 2,323 megawatts of capacity. The total U.S. capacity is 9,971 megawatts.
25 Jul 2006

Residents consider turbines

The winds of change might soon be blowing in Hardeman County, and those winds might mean change in the pockets for farmers, ranchers and landowners in need of a little extra income.
30 Jun 2006

Not a fan?

GAINESVILLE, Texas — While residents to the east are rallying to stop a large tollway from affecting property values, among other factors, in western Cooke County there’s a struggle of another kind. A movement has begun to oppose a project by Florida Power and Light Co. to establish a long line of wind generators from west of Moss Lake through Muenster and Saint Jo.
29 Jun 2006

The Nuclear Alternative - New plants could be part of energy solution

For environmental and geopolitical reasons, the U.S. must reduce dependence on fossil fuels. Traditional coal-fired plants are dirty and contribute to foul air problems in North Texas and elsewhere. Coal gasification, a cleaner technology, is relatively untested on a large scale. Wind and solar power are clean but insufficient. Natural gas is becoming more expensive.
25 Jun 2006

Cost a downside of turbines

While proponents of wind energy see a potential economic boom by harnessing the wind, at least one state public policy think tank researcher is warning that turbine farms aren't a panacea. He says the cost of transporting the electricity generated in the Concho Valley to urban markets in Dallas, Houston and San Antonio might sap the long-term value of rural wind energy generation.
20 May 2006

Bring it on

The next stage for bringing wind power offshore will start this summer. Wind Energy Systems Technologies, a subsidiary of Herman Schellstede and Associates Inc. in New Iberia, has completed its sea-floor study of an area eight miles off the coast of Galveston, Texas.
19 May 2006

Offshore wind farm gets OK

WASHINGTON - A proposed wind farm that would be the biggest offshore one in the nation won approval Thursday from Texas state officials, the latest development in the fast-growing segment of the alternative-energy industry.
12 May 2006
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