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Lines stir debate on owners' rights

Fambrough said there are many issues associated with construction of these lines that landowners may not consider when negotiating an easement, including the spread of tree diseases and the presence of firefighting crews during construction. ...Landowners should make it a point to protect as many property rights as possible when negotiating an easement.
4 Oct 2010

DISD gets set for Oncor fight

Board members learned about alternative routes and the city of Denton's resolution opposing the preferred route. During a workshop discussion, Rod Reeves, the district's coordinator of facilities, told trustees that the existing utility towers are 60 feet high and that the proposed towers would exceed 150 feet.
30 Sep 2010

Hill Country power line seen as only option

Earlier, Sen. Troy Fraser had asked that the need for a new line between Gillespie and Lampasas counties be re-evaluated, and ERCOT's analysis reported that upgrading existing lines could be done instead. ERCOT's about-face on that segment prompted calls to scrap the entire case before the PUC.
29 Sep 2010

Hill Country transmission line is necessary

In a filing today with the Public Utility Commission, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas wrote that it found "no effective alternatives" to the big line, which would run for at least 130 miles between a yet-to-be-built substation called McCamey D in Schleicher County to the Kendall substation near Comfort.
27 Sep 2010

Family casting fortune to winds; Green energy option getting attention on Isle

Shane said only a few products offered by turbine manufacturers lived up to their claims. Some claims bordered on the fraudulent like the one that barely generated power to run a laptop computer. ...The Bealls settled on two 18-foot tall vertical blade turbines; a similar height turbine with a "ball" blade that is quiet; and a 90-foot hybrid, horizontal blade turbine that works in tandem with solar cells.
19 Sep 2010

PUC votes to OK route

The Public Utility Commission voted Wednesday to approve the route for a wind energy transmission line to run from near Childress to Lefors. The first final approval of a Panhandle wind energy line came despite last-minute protests by Gray County commissioners and the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department.
17 Sep 2010

Denton expected to weigh in on Oncor plan

Oncor's preferred route for the 345-kilovolt transmission line, filed with the state last week, would use an existing easement crossing the Greenbelt. The project includes up to 95 alternate routes in four counties. The Public Utility Commission of Texas will decide the final route.
14 Sep 2010

Texas clean energy hampered by location

But even in Texas - a state long accustomed to oil pipelines and other energy infrastructure - opposition to the transmission lines is mounting. Many landowners do not want to surrender their land to high-voltage power lines, even though they would be paid to do so. "The meters on the attorneys are running," said Robert Weatherford, the president of Save Our Scenic Hill Country Environment.
12 Sep 2010

Wind lines questioned

The route for a wind-energy transmission line from near Childress to the Lefors area ...crosses through lesser prairie-chicken habitat, posing a risk of federal curtailment of all sorts of economic activity. County commissioners also filed a resolution asking for a different transmission-line route to avoid prairie-chicken habitat.
11 Sep 2010

Remoteness a hurdle in harvesting panhandle's winds

The transmission lines face formidable opposition stemming from concerns that the natural landscape will be blighted. A number of landowners in the region have filed objections to the lines - notably a coalition called Protect North Palo Duro Canyon, which has sprung up to fight proposed routes that would cut through private land just north of the state park of the same name.
10 Sep 2010

Fighting the power lines to protect Hill Country vistas

Hill Country loyalists - some of whom have lived on their land for generations - employ every available argument to keep the transmission lines at bay. Besides the simple beauty of the hillsides, they cite endangered bird species, like the golden-cheeked warbler or the black-capped vireo; unique landforms, such as the Llano Uplift; the historic Pinta trail used by Indians and pioneers; a large bat colony; and much more.
9 Sep 2010

Texas' wind transmission project keeps rolling

The state's Public Utility Commission, or PUC, approved the CREZ concept in 2008 in response to a directive from the Legislature in 2005. The plan calls for network of transmission lines to bring the wind power to cities in the Central and East Texas. ...Trouble is, between the windy plains and the cities demanding power lie many people who fear that their scenery will be despoiled.
8 Sep 2010

Wind transmission lines across Hill Country face holdup at Public Utility Commission

Twice in the past three months, [commission Chairman Barry] Smitherman has asked the state's grid operator whether segments of a line across the Hill Country were necessary. He has said that his change in thinking on the Hill Country line came from studying infrastructure maps more closely. But he has also acted in response to letters from lawmakers who want the lines moved.
31 Aug 2010

Wind and Energy Markets: A case study of Texas

Wind_and_energy_markets_thumb Many jurisdictions worldwide are greatly increasing the amount of wind production, with the expectation that increasing renewables will cost-effectively reduce greenhouse emissions. This paper discusses the interaction of increasing wind, transmission constraints, renewable credits, wind and demand correlation, intermittency, carbon prices, and electricity market prices using the particular example of the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) market. The complete paper can be accessed at the links provided below.
29 Aug 2010

Hill Country power line may not be needed, state grid operator says

A controversial power line proposed to cross the Hill Country to transmit wind power from West Texas may not have to get built after all, according to a letter Tuesday from the agency operating the state's electricity grid. The line, which would run from the Fredericksburg area to Lampasas County, has faced opposition from Hill Country property owners who worried that the lines would ruin views and fragment animal habitat.
18 Aug 2010

150 Willacy wind turbines planned

A deal has been signed with Duke Energy to build a wind farm in Willacy County, with long-range plans for as many as 250 of the huge structures, interim County Judge Aurelio "Keter" Guerra said this past week.
15 Aug 2010

Wind energy transmission: Financing for lines collected

Scandia Wind Southwest, which is developing wind farms in Parmer, Sherman and Dallam counties, is one of several companies upping their ante enough to get approval for transmission lines in the southern Panhandle. The Public Utility Commission filed its final order Friday declaring wind companies had posted enough collateral - $15.9 million - to justify continued development of wind energy transmission infrastructure.
3 Aug 2010

Walker Sewell attorneys win breach of contract suit for Luminant Energy against wind farms; Decision worth millions for client

An appellate court has overturned a lower court ruling and opened the way for Luminant Energy Company LLC (f/k/a TXU Portfolio Management Company, L.P.) ("Luminant") to recover millions of dollars in damages from wind farms owned by NextEra Energy (f/k/a FPL Energy) that promised but did not deliver the required amount of wind-generated electric energy and renewable energy credits.
2 Aug 2010

Lightening strike burns down wind turbine

A lightening strike started a fire in a wind turbine Saturday morning, destroying the turbine and one of three new blades that had been laid out on the ground beneath it in order to be installed as replacements. Damages totaled $760,000, according to Peterson Fire Chief John Winterboer.
1 Aug 2010
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