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Wind and Energy Markets: A case study of Texas

Wind_and_energy_markets_thumb Many jurisdictions worldwide are greatly increasing the amount of wind production, with the expectation that increasing renewables will cost-effectively reduce greenhouse emissions. This paper discusses the interaction of increasing wind, transmission constraints, renewable credits, wind and demand correlation, intermittency, carbon prices, and electricity market prices using the particular example of the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) market. The complete paper can be accessed at the links provided below.
29 Aug 2010

Hill Country power line may not be needed, state grid operator says

A controversial power line proposed to cross the Hill Country to transmit wind power from West Texas may not have to get built after all, according to a letter Tuesday from the agency operating the state's electricity grid. The line, which would run from the Fredericksburg area to Lampasas County, has faced opposition from Hill Country property owners who worried that the lines would ruin views and fragment animal habitat.
18 Aug 2010

150 Willacy wind turbines planned

A deal has been signed with Duke Energy to build a wind farm in Willacy County, with long-range plans for as many as 250 of the huge structures, interim County Judge Aurelio "Keter" Guerra said this past week.
15 Aug 2010

Wind energy transmission: Financing for lines collected

Scandia Wind Southwest, which is developing wind farms in Parmer, Sherman and Dallam counties, is one of several companies upping their ante enough to get approval for transmission lines in the southern Panhandle. The Public Utility Commission filed its final order Friday declaring wind companies had posted enough collateral - $15.9 million - to justify continued development of wind energy transmission infrastructure.
3 Aug 2010

Walker Sewell attorneys win breach of contract suit for Luminant Energy against wind farms; Decision worth millions for client

An appellate court has overturned a lower court ruling and opened the way for Luminant Energy Company LLC (f/k/a TXU Portfolio Management Company, L.P.) ("Luminant") to recover millions of dollars in damages from wind farms owned by NextEra Energy (f/k/a FPL Energy) that promised but did not deliver the required amount of wind-generated electric energy and renewable energy credits.
2 Aug 2010

Lightening strike burns down wind turbine

A lightening strike started a fire in a wind turbine Saturday morning, destroying the turbine and one of three new blades that had been laid out on the ground beneath it in order to be installed as replacements. Damages totaled $760,000, according to Peterson Fire Chief John Winterboer.
1 Aug 2010

We're not going to take it anymore

Until very recently I honestly thought the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) would listen to our concerns and do what was right for Mason County and even the entire Hill Country. But, today, I am tired of listening to the bullies and I am convinced that the "big bureaucracy" has not and will not be influenced by the practical concerns of a small rural community. I'm talking about the CREZ electric transmission lines that the Public Utility Commission (PUC) ordered constructed throughout the entire state.
29 Jul 2010

Rules to be set for wind turbines

The city is making way for wind turbines that are popping up around the Rio Grande Valley. Officials are setting guidelines for wind turbines and other forms of alterative energy sources after homeowners and businesses expressed interest in installing them here, said John Rodriguez, the city's code enforcement officer.
25 Jul 2010

Residents oppose power line route

Roberta Campbell, whose property is along segment J of the preferred route, met with several other concerned landowners June 25 at the church. She scheduled the Thursday meeting as well. "The goal is to form a coalition and hire an attorney to present evidence to the PUC," Campbell said.
3 Jul 2010

Company applies for utility status

The application is an important first step in developing the line, which is designed to bring 7,000 megawatts in potential wind energy from the panhandles of Oklahoma and Texas to Tennessee and markets in the Southeast. The project could take up to seven years to complete and cost $3.5 billion, according to Clean Line LLC.
26 Jun 2010

Texas company developing transmission lines files request to become an Oklahoma public utility

A Texas company planning a $3.5 billion transmission line project has applied to become a public utility in Oklahoma. The application by Plains and Eastern Clean Line Oklahoma, which is an affiliate of Houston-based Clean Line Energy Partners, with the Oklahoma Corporation Commission is only the second of its kind ever attempted, commission spokesman Matt Skinner said Friday.
26 Jun 2010

Peñascal Wind Farm in Kenedy County fully operational

The 168 wind turbines spinning at Iberdrola Renewables' farm in Kenedy County now are producing power for the state electric grid, company officials announced Wednesday. Last April, 84 of the turbines began feeding the grid and in May, the remaining 84 became operational.
23 Jun 2010

Wind: Green or Brown?

Just outside of White Deer, wind energy looks more brown than green -- oil is seeping down the sides of turbines. As a professor in the field for more than 30 years, Kenneth Starcher is a wind energy expert. He says he knows exactly what's going on because it's happened elsewhere too.
23 Jun 2010

State needs to right their wrong

Landowners across the Hill Country are learning that their pristine private property is now going to be condemned for a 260-foot right-of-way so the state can install 180 foot tall towers on their land. And, when the electricity starts to flow, they can't even tap into it because it will be a "pass-through" that only benefits big city users. ...So, landowners are relegated to spending their hard-earned money fighting utility companies, hiring lawyers to argue in front of administrative law judges, and showing up at public hearings only to be ignored and mocked by arrogant bureaucrats paid by our tax dollars.
18 Jun 2010
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