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Legislation allows local wind industry regulation

Sen. Bailey said, “This legislation, which follows the recommendations of the joint legislative study committee, provides reasonable regulations of the wind industry. It protects the property rights of non-participating landowners, while setting uniform minimum requirements for the construction, operation, or redevelopment of wind energy facilities in the state.
24 Apr 2018

Wind energy bill headed to Senate

“I think this is a very good piece of legislation that is making sure that all property owners have a voice in the process,” said state Rep. Cameron Sexton, who sponsored the bill in the House. “It’s a very reasonable approach that takes into account personal property rights as well as the rights of adjacent property owners.”
10 Apr 2018

Martin finds law for County to use against Wind Farm

Martin, as a matter of record recently, went into great detail reading verbatim the entire content of the statute to the commissioners, county attorney and the Mayor. This would leave no doubt in anyone’s mind that they did, in fact have a legal way —not to mention an obligation — to protect the residents of Cumberland County.
2 Mar 2017

Commissioner seeks to regulate land use

Cumberland County commissioners will be asked to decide if they wish to establish regulations on land use in the unincorporated areas of Cumberland County when they meet Monday. In addition, the commission will consider a resolution joining with the Crossville City Council and state and national legislators in opposing the Crab Orchard Wind project.
14 Jul 2016

County postpones wind farm opposition resolution vote

The resolution was not on the agenda, but 9th District Commissioner Sandra Baxter Dutcher sought to waive the rules of the county commission and have the proposed resolution added to the agenda for a vote. According to the rules an item is to be submitted seven days prior to the county commission meeting in order for it to appear on the agenda.
24 Jun 2016

Garland considers ordinance on residential wind energy devices

Garland is the latest North Texas city considering a zoning ordinance aimed at regulating wind energy devices that generate power for residential use. The measure is on Tuesday's council agenda. Other cities, including Grand Prairie, Waxahachie and Oak Point, already have such ordinances. Residential wind energy devices are rare in urban areas and may be too expensive or impractical for many homeowners. But city officials say they want to make sure rules are in place for the day when wind energy devices become more commonplace.
16 Nov 2008

Councilman Works To Regulate Wind Towers

Tygard is sponsoring a bill that would put restrictions on wind towers that produce energy. He said he wants the public to remember when cell phone towers started popping up and how it caused residential complaints. The councilman said the city needs to make sure that doesn't happen with the wind machines. "What are the height, aesthetic, noise regulations?
11 Aug 2008

Tenn. Senator Fears Wind Mandate

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. - An industry-sponsored poll suggests most Tennesseans support renewable wind energy, but don't count U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander among them. "I am all for renewable fuels. I am all for clean air and carbon-free electricity," the Tennessee Republican said Tuesday in a conference call from Washington, where the Senate is getting ready to debate an energy bill that could come with renewable energy mandates. But Alexander has no love for windmills. Wind power, he said, "is expensive and disfigures the landscape. It produces a puny amount of power, and it doesn't fit Tennessee."
13 Jun 2007

Wind Resistant: Turbine farm generates opposition in Ashe

OLIVER SPRINGS, TENN. - When Martha Walls gives tours of her town’s small museum, she points to framed photographs of coal-blackened faces next to those of 400-foot wind turbines that stand on a reclaimed strip mine just outside town. The Southeast’s first commercial wind farm was built here on Windrock Mountain on the site of an old coal mine after people in North Carolina fought a proposal to place it within view of Watauga County. In Oliver Springs, the new environmentally-friendly energy came without a fuss. “I don’t hear anybody complain about our windmills, and I don’t know why anybody would,” Walls said. But in North Carolina, where a proposal to build a wind farm in Ashe County has run up against opposition from longtime residents and newcomers, the road to renewable energy is not so certain.
19 Feb 2007
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