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Coming to an Apex?

 Bruce Owens, simply offered, “ I don’t want it,” he said of the Wind Project. “I’ve seen too many when I was in Indiana. And those were on open farmland with not many people around. Not like this.” Yet, it was interesting to note that, well before the 8 P.M. finishing time, the Apex meeting room had only a few people present while the Coalition’s room became jam-packed to voice their concerns and listen to the presentations.
10 Jun 2016

Proposed locations discovered for Windmills

The Cumberland Mountain Preservation Coalition is a group of concerned citizens formed to study the effects that the Industrial Wind farm will have on property values, the health effects, Infrasound and local wildlife population. A few highlights from the Apex presentation was the number of Turbines has gone from 20 to possibly 29. These turbines are going to be some of the biggest Industrial turbines in the world.
28 Apr 2016

Reaching for the wind to power Memphis

It comes down to whether TVA decides to step up its purchase of wind energy. Fracking has made natural gas abundant and cheap to burn in electric plants. Wind appears costly without tax breaks. But energy analysts figure gas prices eventually will rise. And long-term wind power contracts could lock in prices below the ultimate level gas reaches in a decade or more.
19 Jul 2015

Alexander: “If we are talking about ‘Big Oil,’ why not also talk about ‘Big Wind?’”

“Over the next 10 years, the wind production tax credit will cost the American taxpayers more than $26 billion….In fact, the tax breaks for the five big oil companies we have been debating on the Senate floor this week actually cost less than this one tax credit for Big Wind. The tax breaks for the five big oil companies amount to about $21 billion over 10 years.”
18 May 2011

TVA to buy 450 megawatts from Dakota wind turbines

The Tennessee Valley Authority, looking outside the region to boost its renewable energy portfolio, said Thursday it will buy 450 megawatts of wind power capacity from the Great Plains. The nation's largest public utility has signed 20-year power purchase agreements with Maryland-based CVP Renewable Energy Co. and Chicago-based Invenergy Wind LLC for electricity generated by wind farms they are building in McIntosh County, N.D., and Roberts County, S.D., respectively.
23 Oct 2009

City OKs wind study on Buffalo Mountain

On Thursday, the Johnson City Commission approved a license agreement with the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy and Integration Technology to allow the installation of a wind-monitoring device to be installed on the tower at Buffalo Mountain. Johnson City Manager Pete Peterson said city officials were approached by SACE, and the device would be used to measure and observe things such as wind speed and frequency.
23 May 2009

State wind turbine placement bad idea

U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) told a forum on renewable electricity choices last week that solar panels, underwater river turbines, and wood chips "are promising for TVA, but Tennessee mountaintops are absolutely the wrong place for wind turbines three times as tall as Neyland Stadium skyboxes, not to mention the transmission lines that come with them."
23 Apr 2009
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