Articles from South Dakota

South Dakota NextEra official gets earful from S.D. regulators over road damage at Crowned Ridge wind site 13 Oct
South Dakota Hughes County Commission amends requirements for wind towers 18 Aug
South Dakota A Careful Approach Suggested for Wind-Farm Rules 17 Jul
South Dakota S.D. regulators deal with rural opponents’ sound issues at two wind farms 8 Jul
South Dakota Wagner men claim local wind turbines violate county commission agreement 13 May
Iowa South Dakota Wyoming Not so green energy: Hundreds of non-recyclable fiberglass wind turbine blades are pictured piling up in landfill 7 May
South Dakota Dakota County considering moratorium on wind farms 4 May
South Dakota S.D. regulators tell wind farm to get ready for sound tests, amid COVID-19 travel restrictions 1 May
South Dakota PUC pushes back sound compliance period to July 1 for Prevailing Wind farm 30 Apr
South Dakota PUC conditions not followed 9 Feb
South Dakota Noem bill removes public notice requirement for special permit hearings at county level 31 Jan
South Dakota South Dakota regulators approve waiver for wind farm project 7 Jan
South Dakota Waiver request for $400M wind farm project deferred by S.D. regulators 31 Dec 2019
South Dakota Cold Autumn delays installation of noise dampers on NextEra wind turbines 27 Dec 2019
South Dakota Unexpectedly, a S.D. wind farm is in a tight spot 20 Dec 2019
South Dakota County board approves wind turbine dismantling work 10 Dec 2019
South Dakota Crane tips over at Prevailing Wind Park construction site 27 Sep 2019
South Dakota Energy firm continues investigation into cause of incident at wind farm 27 Sep 2019
South Dakota In a rare move, state board rejects reinvestment payment to S.D. wind project 11 Sep 2019
Minnesota South Dakota Sioux Falls landfill tightens rules after Minnesota dumps dozens of wind turbine blades 27 Aug 2019
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