Library from South Dakota

South Dakota County commission approves wind turbine rules 5 Oct 2011
South Dakota Tower plant still vacant; Brandon building might be sold on open market 10 Sep 2011
USA South Dakota Wind 'corridor' could speed projects 2 Aug 2011
South Dakota Wind power fails to sail in S.D. 18 Jul 2011
South Dakota Commissioner says PUC couldn't rule on Black Hills Power's wind farm request 15 Jun 2011
South Dakota Black Hills Power pulls plug on wind farm project near Belle Fourche, blames PUC 14 Jun 2011
South Dakota Wind developer complains to PUC; Northwestern Energy accused of refusing to buy power 18 May 2011
South Dakota Wind study won't be paid by industry 20 Apr 2011
USA South Dakota UK They toil not, neither do they spin 10 Apr 2011
South Dakota Transmission line vital to S.D. wind power; Utilities' proposal links state's resources to Twin Cities 7 Jan 2011
Iowa Minnesota South Dakota Fickle turbine winds 29 Dec 2010
South Dakota Wind turbines becoming fixture of Wessington Springs horizon 20 Dec 2010
South Dakota Harnessing wind to help economy 1 Dec 2010
Pennsylvania South Dakota Wrightsville man killed in accident at South Dakota construction site 12 Oct 2010
USA South Dakota Wind energy losing speed 4 Aug 2010
South Dakota Wind tower production stalls at Brandon plant; Company confident contracts will come in 24 Jul 2010
North Dakota South Dakota Aurora County to consider permit for wind farm 28 Jun 2010
South Dakota Throw caution in the Wind? 13 May 2010
South Dakota Alliant official: Wind energy is not cheaper 29 Apr 2010
South Dakota Wind energy company to lay off workers at SD plant 28 Apr 2010
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