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Political clock ticking on wind industry tax support

People involved with the South Dakota wind industry have their fingers in the political winds, trying to gauge it. That's because people with a vested interest in the wind industry are getting nervous if an extension of a federal tax credit will be approved before the end of the year. However, it could be too late for an industry that helps produce 22.3 percent of South Dakota's electricity.
30 Jun 2012

Electricity extortion has S.D. roost

A government folly is playing out in our state's Capitol over a wind electricity project a group wants to build in Clark County. At the root of this folly is a federal requirement. Believe it or not, a wind farm developer can force a utility company to buy its electricity, even if the company doesn't want it. This gets worse. The wind power might cost more than the company wants its customers to have to pay for electricity.
4 May 2012

Wind 'corridor' could speed projects

The corridor follows the crane's migratory path from Canada to the Texas coast, and tracking the project to this central flyway was the whole point, said Marty Tuegel, a planning coordinator in the Fish and Wildlife's southwestern region.
2 Aug 2011

Wind power fails to sail in S.D.

Developers point to the usual culprit - a longstanding lack of adequate transmission - but also to a prolonged slump in electricity demand, sluggish growth in the broader economy and rock-bottom prices for natural gas, which competes with wind.
18 Jul 2011

They toil not, neither do they spin

Nothing illustrates the distance between the political culture and reality in modern governments so much as the billions invested in wind power. Presumably the purpose of such investments is to a) reduce greenhouse emissions and b) reduce dependence on fossil fuels. The plain fact that it increases both seems not to have bothered anyone.
10 Apr 2011
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