Library from South Dakota

USA South Dakota Stalemate threatens S.D. wind industry; Deal on incentives stalled in Congress 13 Jul 2008
South Dakota Wind turbines on county's ordinance list 12 Jul 2008
South Dakota Backers of wind power tout plans in Harrisburg 6 Jul 2008
Minnesota South Dakota Transmission lines require reliable power 7 Jun 2008
Canada USA Kansas North Dakota Nebraska Oklahoma South Dakota Texas Rare birds could be threatened by growth of wind farms 27 Feb 2008
South Dakota Transmission a major obstacle to large-scale wind development 20 Feb 2008
South Dakota SDSU files wind study for county: Personal, rather than commercial, generation favored 16 Feb 2008
South Dakota Wind energy the topic for CSDED 14 Feb 2008
South Dakota Means proposes wind project for new republic; 'Those who control the energy control the economics' 10 Feb 2008
South Dakota Towns scramble to make ordinances as wind energy catches on 10 Jan 2008
South Dakota Wind turbines in Spearfish? 9 Jan 2008
South Dakota Officials Discuss Wind Energy 28 Dec 2007
Iowa Minnesota North Dakota South Dakota Wisconsin Power line plan is still taking shape 13 Dec 2007
South Dakota Wind power in county a work in progress 7 Dec 2007
USA South Dakota Winds Of Change In Washington 28 Nov 2007
South Dakota Mammoth wind farm slated for South Dakota 28 Oct 2007
South Dakota Are we ready for windmills everywhere on our landscape? 9 Oct 2007
South Dakota Tower gauges to assess wind in Minnehaha 28 Aug 2007
South Dakota Wind data offers some surprises 20 Aug 2007
South Dakota Texas Thune: Feds should not change wind farm policies based on cranes 18 Aug 2007
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