Library from South Dakota

South Dakota Senate panel blinks at vision for wind energy 1 Feb 2007
USA South Dakota New blade might help expand wind power 13 Nov 2006
South Dakota PUC hopefuls stress need for wind energy development 5 Nov 2006
North Dakota South Dakota Power line may help wind farms 26 Oct 2006
Minnesota South Dakota Wind Project Under Way 9 Oct 2006
Minnesota South Dakota Biggest Wind Power Plant to Date Set for Brookings County 22 Sep 2006
South Dakota Johnson Says Brookings Wind Farm Is A Go 1 Sep 2006
South Dakota PUC tries to picture potential = Community-based concept discussed at meeting in Eureka 24 Aug 2006
South Dakota Tribe looks at wind farm development 21 Aug 2006
South Dakota Wind energy meeting to take place in Eureka next week 17 Aug 2006
USA California Montana North Dakota South Dakota Virginia Areas of power grid congestion ID'd 8 Aug 2006
South Dakota Radar may hamper wind 17 Jul 2006
South Dakota Large Wind Farm Planned In Brookings County 15 Jul 2006
New York South Dakota Texas UK BP, Clipper Windpower unveil energy project in US, turbine supply deal 15 Jul 2006
South Dakota New power plant ready for peak 11 Jul 2006
Minnesota North Dakota South Dakota Wisconsin New upgrade to state's power grid proposed 10 Jun 2006
South Dakota Environmentalists push wind over coal 3 Jun 2006
South Dakota Johnson: Wind power peaking at right time 6 May 2006
South Dakota Wind power blows past South Dakota 9 Apr 2006
South Dakota Distance, politics and 'the grid' block new turbines 26 Mar 2006
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