Library from South Carolina

North Carolina South Carolina Duke Energy Carolinas withdraws proposal to purchase wind power 13 Jul
USA North Carolina South Carolina Aerial wildlife surveys of offshore wind farm site start soon 15 Nov 2017
USA South Carolina Offshore wind turbine decision could come soon 7 Jan 2016
USA South Carolina Offshore wind energy hearing draws support for alternative energy, wildlife concerns 7 Jan 2016
South Carolina Interior Department opens wind energy review for North Myrtle Beach 24 Nov 2015
South Carolina Beaufort Fire Department checks gas leak at TCL 14 Oct 2014
South Carolina Sanford, Colbert Busch differ on Clemson wind turbine stimulus money 9 Apr 2013
South Carolina Wind workshop aims to organize policy and framework 25 Mar 2010
South Carolina Officials, potential customers discuss turbine facility 13 Mar 2010
South Carolina School's test turbine clear for takeoff 24 Dec 2009
South Carolina Turbines come into view off Strand coast 7 Nov 2009
South Carolina Public to air views on wind farm 12 Oct 2009
USA South Carolina Energy source on the horizon, but whose? 23 Aug 2009
South Carolina Plans for turbines blow into Strand; Officials weigh the potential of wind farms at seminar 18 Apr 2009
South Carolina Study to seek energy sources off the coast of South Carolina 11 Oct 2008
South Carolina Jeter lays out energy plan; Candidate's ideas include nuclear, wind, solar power as alternatives 5 Jun 2008
USA South Carolina Common sense needed on energy security 7 May 2008
USA South Carolina Wind, solar a waste of valuable tax dollars 12 Apr 2008
South Carolina Institute researching how state could use wind power to generate electricity 9 Jun 2007
South Carolina Government wants feedback on floating wind farms at sea 2 May 2007
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