Library from South America

South America Brazil tax exemption removal curbs Wobben’s wind turbine orders 30 Aug 2014
South America Impsa subsidiary declared bankrupt by Brazilian court 6 Aug 2014
South America Denmark Vestas in $32m currency row with Argentine wind developer 12 Sep 2012
South America BNDES shuts $3.5 billion wind market to five companies 20 Jul 2012
South America Brazil wind-farm development may halt in 15 Days, Abeeolica says 12 Jul 2012
South America Chile's Supreme Court halts illegal wind farm 29 Mar 2012
South America Brazil has 1GW of stalled wind projects, says regulator 6 Jan 2012
South America Chilean wind farm faces turbulence over whales 29 Nov 2011
South America Venezuela begins 2010 with electricity rationing 3 Jan 2010
South America Suzlon turbine spins apart in Brazil 3 Dec 2009
South America Wind turbine explodes in Ceara 2 Dec 2009
South America Suzlon turbine explodes in Brazil 2 Dec 2009
South America USA Mexico Wind parks take over indigenous lands 14 Aug 2008
South America USA The Big Green Fuel Lie 5 Mar 2007
South America Japanese govt plans 600MW wind project in Patagonia - Argentina 6 Jan 2007
Africa Asia South America Indigenous people see harm from Kyoto warming pact 8 Nov 2006
Africa Asia South America Nuclear to the rescue - Electricity is the key to a healthier, more prosperous Third World 29 Aug 2006
South America Proinfa stalled by lack of financing, equipment - Brazil 25 Apr 2006
South America Brazil enters the era of wind power 21 Dec 2005
Europe South America Forests paying the price for biofuels 22 Nov 2005
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