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Council affirms wind turbine ban

Council members soon reversed course, in January imposing a six-month moratorium on turbine construction, which it later extended. In April, the town revoked the building permit for North Kingstown Green, then in June the Planning Commission denied the Stamp Farm turbine application.
23 Nov 2011

PUC to consider contract extension for National Grid/Deepwater

The contract was set to expire on June 30, a year after it was approved by the PUC under legislation by the General Assembly. But Toray Plastics had appealed the PUC's approval in Rhode Island Supreme Court, and the court did not reach its verdict, which upheld the PUC's decision, until July 1. Now, Toray Plastics has objected to the request for a contract extension.
31 Oct 2011

Toray files objection to Deepwater waiver

Toray Plastics has filed its official objection to a request by National Grid and Deepwater Wind to waive a sunset clause in the Power Purchase Agreement approved by the Public Utilities Commission last summer, and argues that Deepwater has had its right to transact business in Rhode Island revoked by the Secretary of State's office as of June 27.
16 Oct 2011

Toray challenges R.I. wind project, says contract expired

But McElroy said that because the waiver provision is part of the expired contract, it was also terminated as of June 30. National Grid and Deepwater cannot go back after the fact and use the provision to extend the contract, he argued. "By their own admission, as things stand right now, there is no PPA in effect," McElroy wrote in an e-mail to Cynthia G. Wilson-Frias, senior legal counsel to the PUC.
7 Oct 2011

Deepwater begins $5 million survey

Deepwater Wind will use the survey to assess whether the planned locations of the wind farm and the cables will need to be re-routed if obstacles, such as undersea boulders, shipwrecks, evidence of Native American settlements or sensitive marine habitats, are discovered. ..."Based on oral history we know that there were settlements out where the ocean is now," said Doug Harris, Tribal Preservation Officer for the Narragansett Nation.
1 Oct 2011

First turbine to spin in 2013, Deepwater says at energy forum

Energy rates are a major concern on Block Island now, but across the state, there is concern about the effect on future mainland rates if all ratepayers are asked to fund a cable to the mainland for a Block Island demonstration wind project. Moderator Welch wondered whether it was "good for business" to increase those rates for companies like Hasbro, which she said has estimated it would cost them $7 million over 7 years.
19 Sep 2011

Whalerock lawsuits approach final discussions

Whalerock plans to erect two, 262-foot wind turbine on 81 acres between King's Factory Road and East Quail Run. ...The turbine project has been the subject of several legal actions over the past year, creating a complicated web of claims from multiple parties. While an ultimate legal decision may take some time and includes options such as trials and appeals, Gorham is happy the process is underway.
10 Sep 2011

National Grid: Turbine could cost $2 million

The latest shadow to fall across Jamestown's wind turbine initiative has the shape of a price tag, and the number it's displaying is huge: up to $2 million in upgrades to accommodate the power from the 1.65-megawatt windmill proposed for Taylor Point. The long awaited estimate from National Grid was disclosed during the Town Council's Aug. 1 meeting.
4 Aug 2011

Court case behind it, Deepwater Wind resumes work

Much of the financing, however, won't be tied up until Deepwater receives its permits from the CRMC and the Army Corps. The company will also need secondary approvals from a host of other agencies, including the state Department of Environmental Management and the federal Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement.
29 Jul 2011

RI Court affirms Deepwater-Grid agreement

The R.I. Supreme Court unanimously turned away the effort by two manufacturers to invalidate the power purchase agreement between National Grid and alternative energy developer Deepwater Wind that had been approved by the R.I. Public Utilities Commission, in a decision released late Friday.
2 Jul 2011
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