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Carcieri, others put pressure on PUC to OK wind-farm pact

Governor Carcieri and the state's legislative leaders put more pressure Monday on the state's Public Utilities Commission to approve a power-purchase agreement to pave the way for a $205-million wind farm to serve Block Island ...The commission remains committed to announcing a decision on Aug. 11, just within the deadline mandated by the General Assembly.
3 Aug 2010

Wind farm testimony picks up

On Tuesday, Shigeru Osada, senior vice president of engineering and maintenance of Toray Plastics, which employs 600 people in Rhode Island where it manufactures thin, high technology film for industrial applications, testified that over the 20 years of the Block Island wind farm project, Toray would have to pay an additional $7.3 million in fees to National Grid.
2 Aug 2010

Wind farm costs under fire

Attorney Michael McElroy, representing two of Rhode Island's largest manufacturers, persistently questioned Deepwater CEO William Moore to show that the cost and projected profit were understated for the company's proposed wind farm three miles off Block Island.
2 Aug 2010

PUC to wait until Aug. 11 to rule on TransCanada's motion to dismiss wind power case

The state Public Utilities Commission will not rule on the latest motion to dismiss a case for a power-purchase agreement between offshore wind developer Deepwater Wind and National Grid until the final day of proceedings, Aug. 11. The commission held a hearing Tuesday morning on the motion from TransCanada Power, a Canadian energy company that says it can provide Rhode Island with renewable power at a far cheaper price than Deepwater.
28 Jul 2010

PUC questions farm price; PUC testimony focuses on higher electricity costs for R.I. industry

Outside the hearing room, Lynch said that for someone of Mazze's stature to testify "so eloquently how bad this project is for Rhode Island confirms that my position [opposing the wind farm contract] is the appropriate one for Rhode Island citizens." Lynch also referred to a cable to deliver electricity to Block Island, which is part of the proposed eight-turbine project.
27 Jul 2010

Block Island divided over wind farm

"Block Island is most at-risk with this project," said Michael Hickey. ...Nobody has more to lose than Block Island if this project does not work out as planned." He and others say the price of wind power has been inflated to cover any risk Deepwater is exposed to. "I also object to the fact that the ratepayers of Rhode Island are being asked to subsidize this experiment," said John Hopf.
23 Jul 2010

EDC, company predictions disagree on economic impact of RI wind farm

"I have seen no testimony from any party that assures the state that these economic development events will happen, and I am of the opinion that they will not happen," Edward M. Mazze, distinguished university professor of business administration at the University of Rhode Island, said in written testimony filed on Monday. Mazze testified on behalf of Toray Plastics America and Polytop Corp.
21 Jul 2010

Carcieri legacy tied to wind farm

Political observers say if the wind farm moves forward, Carcieri's name would surely be tied to it. On the other hand, a rejection would deliver a blow to a governor preparing to exit office. "To get this thing through would be part of his legacy," Moakley said. "I think he sees it that way and ... I think he genuinely believes in that project."
17 Jul 2010

Cape Wind's cool move

So how ironic would it be if Massachusetts consumers end up paying higher electric rates because of the Cape Wind project, but Rhode Island gets the lion's share of the jobs? ...There are already a host of reasons to dislike this project - the location, the financing, the cost to consumers. Now we might get one more.
9 Jul 2010
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