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Wind turbine opponents turn out in North Kingstown

Richard Pastore, chairman of the commission, said it was one of the largest turnouts he had ever seen. The turbine is one of two proposed for North Kingstown by Wind Energy Development, founded by Mark DePasquale. Most of the people in the auditorium appeared to be opposed to the Stamp Farm turbine.
5 Jan 2011

Outgoing Lynch urges groups to challenge wind-farm project

In his last official act as state attorney general, Democrat Patrick C. Lynch sent out a letter to a group of local nonprofit organizations, urging them to join with him in challenging the constitutionality of the Deepwater Wind Block Island wind-farm project, calling it "an inside deal" pushed by outgoing Governor Carcieri and embraced by the General Assembly.
4 Jan 2011

The Tale of Two Turbines, Part 2

After researching wind turbines and their impacts on the Internet, Zucchi, Wilson and about 20 others began canvassing the neighborhood to spread the word and get feedback. "Virtually everyone I talked to didn't know about it or heard through word of mouth," said Wilson. "The thing that's truly upsetting is that this process has been going on for six months and really no one in the neighborhood knew."
2 Jan 2011

The Tale of Two Turbines, Part 1

While some residents welcome an approved 427-footer turbine, others oppose plans for more wind energy. ...It's been the talk around town for the past month and, on Jan. 4, it'll get its well-deserved attention as the North Kingstown Planning Commission holds its first meeting of the new year on the subject: wind turbines.
1 Jan 2011

Wind turbines don't spin in Scituate in 2010

It was the wind turbine proposal that really stirred up the town, similar to the controversy that arose last year in other Rhode Island towns when the green energy alternative was introduced. It seems a lot of people like the idea of green energy, but just not next door.
29 Dec 2010

Turbine response shows how important it is to be informed

Perhaps more so than the debate over the sheer size of a proposed 427-foot wind turbine in Stamp Farm on South County Trail, and maybe even more so than the safety concerns of its placement in a residential neighborhood and/or the effects such a structure will have on local property values, it seems as if many of the local residents who have recently spoken out against this project have all had one central complaint.
24 Dec 2010

Manufacturers group opposes wind-power pact

The Rhode Island Manufacturers Association has filed a brief with the state Supreme Court that opposes a power-purchase agreement signed between the state's largest electric utility and an offshore-wind power developer. The association submitted the amicus brief last week but has yet to learn whether it will be accepted.
22 Dec 2010

Wind turbine study nixed by Town Council

The Jamestown Town Council voted down a motion on Dec. 13 that would have directed Town Administrator Bruce Keiser to select and hire the contractors necessary to prepare the technical paperwork required for a turbine-interconnection study by National Grid. Keiser would have also had to appeal a height restriction handed down by the Federal Aviation Administration.
16 Dec 2010

Fishermen fear turbines' impact

Governor Carcieri and other supporters of an expanded wind-energy proposal in Rhode Island Sound say it could spur the creation of an alternative-energy economy in the state, but fishermen worry that development of the project will come at the expense of their industry.
9 Dec 2010

Wind farm's size doubled

Deepwater Wind has applied to federal authorities to build the largest proposed offshore-wind farm in the United States, a 200-turbine project in Rhode Island Sound. The 1,000-megawatt project, called the Deepwater Wind Energy Center, replaces a 350-megawatt, 100-turbine proposal that was put forward by the Providence-based company two years ago.
8 Dec 2010

Turbine talk in full spin

Now that Jamestown voters have passed a referendum for a wind turbine, the Town Council, which wanted the ballot question rejected, will re-visit their numerous options that have grown in number since February, when the councilors endorsed Taylor Point as the site for a municipal turbine.
11 Nov 2010

The stand-alone cable quandary

"Everyone has gotten so caught up in the ‘green is good' idea that they don't stop to think about the economics and the physics and the evidence. We're financing this with debt, which put the U.S. economy in the tank, and all the empirical evidence is against this producing enough energy to get us off fossil fuels," said Michael Delia, who owns a home near the Southeast Lighthouse.
8 Nov 2010
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