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Turbine talk in full spin

Now that Jamestown voters have passed a referendum for a wind turbine, the Town Council, which wanted the ballot question rejected, will re-visit their numerous options that have grown in number since February, when the councilors endorsed Taylor Point as the site for a municipal turbine.
11 Nov 2010

The stand-alone cable quandary

"Everyone has gotten so caught up in the ‘green is good' idea that they don't stop to think about the economics and the physics and the evidence. We're financing this with debt, which put the U.S. economy in the tank, and all the empirical evidence is against this producing enough energy to get us off fossil fuels," said Michael Delia, who owns a home near the Southeast Lighthouse.
8 Nov 2010

Change of course for Whalerock wind project

The developers of a proposed wind turbine development off Route 1 have withdrawn their partnership agreement with the town ...Michael Carlino, project manager for Whalerock Renewable Energy LLC, said Friday that the outcome of last week's election has changed the course and economics of the $10.5 million project.
7 Nov 2010

AG-elect Kilmartin pledges to end R.I.'s Supreme Court appeal of Block Island wind-farm approval

He spoke briefly on the phone with Attorney General Patrick C. Lynch and said he plans to have a sit-down with him to discuss many issues, including Kilmartin's plan to end the state's current Supreme Court appeal of the Block Island wind-farm approval. Kilmartin was the only one of five candidates running to become the state's chief law-enforcement officer to disagree with Lynch's position.
4 Nov 2010

Portsmouth turbine stops turning

The problem seems to be a relay switch which has been repeatedly switching off for reasons unknown, said Mr. Crosby who has overseen the town's wind turbine project. ...The situation is complicated by the bankruptcy earlier this year of AAER, the Canadian firm that supplied the wind turbine to Portsmouth and provided the warranty protection.
28 Oct 2010

Deepwater Wind investor delays IPO

It has been trying for two years to go public, delayed by a market cool to initial public offerings in light of the turmoil in equity markets over the last few years. The company is also laden with red ink. Eight-year-old First Wind lost $61 million last year, continuing a string of losses over the years.
28 Oct 2010

Sheep farm withdraws wind turbine application

Applicant Luise Strauss's attorney submitted a letter to Middletown's Zoning Department Wednesday withdrawing the application for a Special Use Permit to construct a wind turbine at 485 Paradise Avenue. Receipt of the letter Wednesday was the first and only indication the town had received that the Strauss application would be withdrawn.
20 Oct 2010

Are winds of change in store for Town's comp plan

Residents pushing for the amendments to be approved have voiced support on the grounds of visual impact, flicker, noise, fear of declining property values, and appropriate use of turbines on residential lands, while some opponents have voiced concern out of support in general for alternative energy and others have echoed the concerns of the Wind Turbine Committee.
19 Oct 2010

SAMP plan to expand state power over coastal waters up for vote

Deepwater has said time is of the essence to take advantage of federal tax credits that expire at the end of 2012. The company has paid $3.2 million to defray the cost of the SAMP. Another $2.8 million has come from the state; $700,000 came from the U.S. Department of Energy and $2 million from the federal stimulus. The plan's creators say the source of money had no impact on the results of the plan.
19 Oct 2010

Candidates split on wind farm infrastructure matters

Mooney strongly denounced the process taken by the state, both in the selection of developer Deepwater and in creating the law that forced the Public Utilities Commission to reconsider the Power Purchase Agreement between Deepwater and National Grid. He called the state actions "illegal" and vowed to pursue a stand-alone cable saying he would "introduce legislation" at the state level.
18 Oct 2010

Nine East Bay towns moving forward with wind-farm plan

A consultant hired by the cities and towns has tentatively selected land in and around the Tiverton Industrial Park, near Route 24 and the Fall River town line, as the best site for what's envisioned to be a 25-megawatt project that could have 8 to 10 wind turbines and cost between $50 million and $63 million to complete.
17 Oct 2010

Wind project fuels fierce resistance

Fiery at times, Thursday's public hearing on plans to erect two wind turbines off Route 1 drew fierce opposition from residents, who questioned the project's impact on property values and the rural quality of life they moved to Charlestown to enjoy. Plans by Michael Carlino and his father-in-law Larry LeBlanc, of Whalerock Renewable Energy LLC, would put two, 1.8- megawatt turbines on the north side of Route 1.
15 Oct 2010

Wind project fuels fierce resistance

"I lived with 50 decibels constantly," Nettleton said. "I can tell you that with 50 decibels at night, you can have your windows closed and your TV on, and you're going to be adjusting the volume on the TV ... Sound travels at night." "You're gonna hear this thing and it's going to become part of your life," he added. "It became such a part of my life, living with 50 decibels ... that I got the point where I just didn't want to come home at night."
15 Oct 2010

Ninigret Hamlet hearing this week

The votes stand in contrast to a decision by the town's Planning Commission to postpone an advisory opinion until after the public hearing. Members of the land use board publicly questioned the turbines' impact on birds and bats and the visual effects of shadow flicker on Route 1 motorists, among other details.
10 Oct 2010

Support and dissension packs turbine hearing

Public confusion in recent days over the exact nature of Monday night's hearing prompted Town Council President Christopher Semonelli to open the discussion by emphasizing that the hearing was only on those proposed amendments and would not affect a current wind turbine construction project that's separately moving through the town's approval process.
5 Oct 2010

Wind farm appeal set

Those bringing the appeal argue that the modified renewable energy law, passed by the General Assembly this summer in reaction to the Public Utilities Commission's unanimous rejection of the first wind farm contract in March, was unconstitutional.
2 Oct 2010
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