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Bear Creek wind turbine fire

Bearcreek-turbine-fire1_thumb A catastrophic fire destroyed one of the twelve Gamesa 2.0 MW wind turbines operating at the Bear Creek Wind Power Project. The facility, which is owned by Iberdrola, is located in Bear Creek Township near Wilkes-Barre in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania and was placed in service in 2006.
10 Nov 2016

GE blade crashes at Mehoopany wind farm in Pennsylvania

Although turbine maker GE confirmed the event, it would not provide many specifics. However, the company maintains that the incident has nothing to do with a series of previous failures with its 48.7-meter blades. ...As GE and BP investigate the failed blade at Mehoopany, the wind farm remains the subject of competing lawsuits stemming from construction of the $250 million project.
6 Nov 2014

FAA ruling could still wind farm plans

The FAA has determined that the giant wind turbines needed to harness wind power would interfere with radar used by air traffic controllers at Erie International Airport. The FAA therefore denied the developer's request to extend an earlier FAA determination that the turbines would not interfere with aviation.
20 Oct 2014

Wind turbine tower at Ridge Center to be taken down

Under certain conditions the blades would throw chunks of ice as far as 100 feet. At least a couple of chunks punctured the Ridge Center roof. Officials were concerned that the ice could hit people or cars in the center's parking lot. Leslie said officials also were never able to determine exactly why part of the unit and the blades fell and couldn't get an assurance that it wouldn't happen again.
4 Jun 2014

Iberdrola owned Locust Ridge wind turbine fire

Windmillfirepetewalinchusschuylkillcountyfirewire_thumb Iberdrola's Locust Ridge wind energy facility experienced a catestrophic turbine fire. The project, located in Mahanoy City in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania, was constructed in two phases and totals 64 Gamesa 2 MW turbines across more than 10 miles of ridgeline. Phase I (13 turbines) was completed in 2006. Phase II (51 turbines) was placed in-service in 2009. The turbine was permitted to burn itself out.
15 Mar 2014

Huge wind turbine falls in Fayette County

After it fell, the turbine was lying on the ground in a large, remote area with a 3,000-foot elevation. Workers for Florida-based NextEra Energy were keeping watch on it until the company decided on a plan of action. NextEra Energy said the cause of the turbine's fall is not yet known, but when it fell, it forced nine other turbines around it to shut down because they are interconnected.
22 Jan 2014
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