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Huge wind turbine falls in Fayette County

After it fell, the turbine was lying on the ground in a large, remote area with a 3,000-foot elevation. Workers for Florida-based NextEra Energy were keeping watch on it until the company decided on a plan of action. NextEra Energy said the cause of the turbine's fall is not yet known, but when it fell, it forced nine other turbines around it to shut down because they are interconnected.
22 Jan 2014

Wildlife conservation may be at a turning point

Delving deeper into conservation, H.B. 1576, which sailed through the House Game and Fisheries Committee and is currently tabled, would place the designation of species as threatened or endangered and designation of wild trout streams under the power of an Independent Regulatory Review Committee, and standing committees of the State House of Representatives and Senate with jurisdiction over the Game Commission and the Fish and Boat Commission.
22 Dec 2013

Oppose wind turbines on Jack's Mountain

The sharply peaked ridgelines of Jacks and Stone are far too narrow for the towers. Not mentioned in the Daily News article is that the construction of the towers and access roads will require removal of a significant portion of the mountain top, perhaps as much as 100 feet (or more) of elevation in some places. That is not a typo - imagine our ridges with 100 feet blasted off the top: environmental destruction on a huge scale.
6 Sep 2013

North East to consider proposed wind ordinance

"We're being told that a 50-story structure somehow is not going to be obtrusive and is not going to affect property values," Jon Peters said. Peters and his wife own a home and 10 acres near Interstate 90 in North East. "The reality is that they're putting these things in neighborhoods, not in agricultural districts, and they're going to affect our homes."
3 Sep 2013

Wind turbines wrong for lake

Consider the construction consequences. The pile drivers pounding in the monopoles stands will certainly disrupt the fish and fish migrations. Don't be fooled by the developers who claim wind turbines improve fishing. There is no proof. Lake Erie is already regarded as a world-class trophy fishery for bass and walleye, and we do not need wind developers to make it better.
17 Aug 2013

Fitzpatrick bill would extend, then phase out, wind energy tax credits

The bill would extend production tax credits for six years, then phase them out over another six years. The credits, introduced in 1992 and renewed in 2008 and again last year, are set to expire Dec. 31. ...Fitzpatrick said the measure, introduced shortly before Congress left for its August recess, will do away with the uncertainty impacting the industry.
16 Aug 2013

Jousting over wind farm extends beyond court; Wyoming County landowners caught in crossfire of $56M legal dispute

A $56 million court battle over costly delays to the Mehoopany Wind Farm last year has a contractor sparring with BP Wind Energy in two states, with subcontractors and area landowners caught in the crossfire. Colorado-based RES Americas filed suit against BP Wind and a related firm in Wyoming County Court, seeking $56,189,303 that the contractor says it is owed.
29 Jun 2013
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