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FAA ruling could still wind farm plans

The FAA has determined that the giant wind turbines needed to harness wind power would interfere with radar used by air traffic controllers at Erie International Airport. The FAA therefore denied the developer's request to extend an earlier FAA determination that the turbines would not interfere with aviation.
20 Oct 2014

Residents question wind turbine proposal

Foster Township Zoning Hearing Board last week continued a hearing on a proposal to build up to 25, 500-foot-tall wind turbines in three areas of the township. ...Township zoning officer Damien Quick said the township has been fielding questions from residents, who have a lot of opinions on the project, along with questions and concerns. 
1 Oct 2014

Wind energy study clears state House

State representatives are on a fact-finding mission to determine the impacts of a federal push toward alternative energy, and namely the projected growth of Pennsylvania’s wind turbine industry, as the technology’s long-held reputation as a clean energy source gets a little dirtier.
20 Sep 2014

Residents say wind turbines cause heartache

Tammy and Joe McKenzie believe they live in the “dark, deep depths of hell” beneath the shadow flicker, high- and low-frequency sounds emitting from wind turbines that are part of the EverPower Twin Ridges Wind Farm. The wind farm is located on the Big Savage Ridge area near the Maryland-Pennsylvania border.
13 Sep 2014

Wind turbine tower at Ridge Center to be taken down

Under certain conditions the blades would throw chunks of ice as far as 100 feet. At least a couple of chunks punctured the Ridge Center roof. Officials were concerned that the ice could hit people or cars in the center's parking lot. Leslie said officials also were never able to determine exactly why part of the unit and the blades fell and couldn't get an assurance that it wouldn't happen again.
4 Jun 2014

Iberdrola owned Locust Ridge wind turbine fire

Windmillfirepetewalinchusschuylkillcountyfirewire_thumb Iberdrola's Locust Ridge wind energy facility experienced a catestrophic turbine fire. The project, located in Mahanoy City in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania, was constructed in two phases and totals 64 Gamesa 2 MW turbines across more than 10 miles of ridgeline. Phase I (13 turbines) was completed in 2006. Phase II (51 turbines) was placed in-service in 2009. The turbine was permitted to burn itself out.
15 Mar 2014

No Wind Farm

The plan to construct nearly 70 wind turbines in Ulysses and Hector Townships has been scrapped. According to Jim Hoopes, a leaseholder in the project, letters were sent out recently by AES Corporation, the company planning to build the facilities, terminating the rental agreements. Hoopes said about 25 landowners had rental agreements.
13 Mar 2014

Says wind project truths lack strong local ‘wins’

Remember that they will be taking off many feet from the top of the mountains to level the ground in order to build. These mountains will never, ever be the same for thousands of years to come, for what purpose? A 25-year wind development (that benefits E.ON and Volkswind) and a possible income of unknown amount to the community. This is not a positive effect or win for surrounding communities.
18 Feb 2014

Rep. Sankey bill repeals alternative energy portfolio standards

“My overlying concern is for the Pennsylvania consumer whose wallet is taking a double hit – first when your electric bill goes up an anticipated 12 percent to 15 percent, and second through the grants that are offered as incentives to promote use of alternative energy. Wind and solar power are honorable endeavors that are unfortunately too cost prohibitive to be relied upon heavily. Until we can substantially increase the amount of energy they generate, we cannot rely heavily on them for a significant amount of our electricity needs.”
12 Feb 2014

Gamesa plant closing; 62 jobs lost; Facility opened in 2006; started layoffs in late 2009

Gamesa USA officials said Tuesday morning it will close the 8-year-old plant, located in the Cambria County Industrial Park, as the company looks to move south and west. The Madrid-based company said the move was necessary to keep energy costs low and maintain a strong market presence. Gamesa's business model, which relied heavily on federal green-energy and tax-credit subsidies, was not sustainable - even with a favorable local business environment.
29 Jan 2014
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