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Lawsuit over wind farm noise

A Pennsylvania couple has filed a lawsuit over noise emanating from at least six utility-scale wind turbines erected near their home. The suit was filed against Gamesa Energy USA LLC and Allegheny Ridge Wind Farm, LLC. This is a recent news report on the issue. Their documents filed with the court can be viewed by clicking here.  Duration: 1 minute 36 seconds
15 Jul 2008

Snyder Township adopts wind turbine ordinance

''I feel it's a pretty good ordinance,'' Charlie Diehl, chairman of the three-man board of supervisors, said Monday after the unanimous vote to approve the 21-page ordinance. Diehl said he thought the regulations were fair, and he stressed that although they're not perfect, the rules are meant to look after the interests of the residents while allowing for the development of wind power in the township. Gamesa USA has proposed a 25-turbine wind farm that would be situated predominately in Snyder Township.
8 Jul 2008

Residents amend windmill lawsuit

The Stulls first filed a lawsuit in April, but according to Jill Stull, after Gamesa objected to their claims that the noise coming from those turbines has been more than a nuisance, it has impacted their health, they've refiled. Stull said this time they have an environmentalist and a sound engineer on board. While their problems are still the same, they hope the words from the experts carry a little more weight.
7 Jul 2008

Wind it up

But before you go all wacky for wind power, certain opposition groups like the Industrial Wind Action Group and National Wind Watch want you to hear their side of the story. Their claims are more than just not-in-my-backyard, wet-blanket-complaints. They believe the wind energy industry is spinning lies along with the turbines, luring large public subsidies for a system that is, at best, secondary to fossil fuels.
7 Jul 2008

Preserve the beauty of our region

"Symbolism aside, Potter and Tioga County mountain ridges may not be as impressive as Yosemite's El Capitan, or the Grand Tetons, but something very real would be sacrificed on the questionable altar of Renewable Energy for Profit. Potter and Tioga county mountain ridges are not just a backyard. They are a heritage and a legacy. And they are as good a place as any to make a stand." Preserve the beauty of our region, say no to industrial wind.
6 Jul 2008

Wind turbine request granted

The Penn Forest Zoning Hearing Board met Thursday night to determine whether to grant a special exception to the township's building ordinance for a wind turbine. ...Township zoning officer Joseph Steber said the ordinance was written to allow wind turbines, which he said are being heavily promoted by both the state and federal governments, but that it requires homeowners to apply for and receive a special exception from the zoning hearing board before a wind turbine can be erected.
5 Jul 2008

Somerset County wind project proposed

Airtricty Stonycreek Wind Farm is looking to build four electricity-generating wind turbines in Allegheny Township -- part of a broader project that includes 28 wind turbines in Stonycreek Township and three in Shade Township. The project since has been taken over by E.ON Climate & Renewable, a German energy company. E.ON recently purchased the North American operations of Airtricty, which is based in Ireland. The three townships in Somerset County were chosen for the project, set for next year, for several reasons. "Wind, transmission and land," said Douglas Colbeck, E.ON's vice president of Northeast development.
5 Jul 2008

Residents may voice opinions on power line plan

Residents will get their chance to speak up about a proposed power line route through Springfield at three public hearings this month hosted by the Public Utility Commission. The supervisors have taken a stand against PPL's plans for the "cross-country route" and substation. They say the route will negatively affect environmentally sensitive areas and should be moved closer to Route 309 or the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority railroad corridor. The proposed line crosses woodlands, wetlands, flood plains and agricultural land through rural parts of Springfield and Richland.
4 Jul 2008

Noxen OKs wind farm, could get annual fee

Supervisors on Tuesday approved an agreement that could provide $40,000 each year for a wind farm BP Alternative Energy wants to build in the township. Under the "voluntary host community agreement," Noxen will receive a one-time upfront payment of $50,000 payable within 30 days of the installation of the first wind turbine.
3 Jul 2008

Windmill farm proposal may be nixed

A possible wind farm atop Ice Mountain in Blair County has caused a flurry of controversy, with residents even signing petitions and casting ballots in favor or against it. However, it looks like all that buzz might not even matter. Officials said some companies have found natural gas on Ice Mountain in Snyder Township, just outside of Tyrone. Although there's nothing set in stone, it could be an alternative to those windmills.
1 Jul 2008

Officials mull alternative-energy regulations

"You have to have some kind of guidelines," said William "B.J." Smith, Adams chairman. "But we wouldn't want to deny anybody the right to run their own home." Barbin's residential wind-turbine ordinance is based on those enacted by other municipalities. It would requre setbacks from the owner's property line to be at at least equal to tower's height plus 15 feet. Most residential wind turbines are less than 150 feet tall, according to the American Wind Energy Association.
30 Jun 2008

Wind turbines would be located in wetlands area; Property still earmarked for industry

Wind turbines proposed for a portion of the East Conneaut Industrial Park would occupy land that now contains wetlands, not property earmarked for commercial growth, interim City Manager Edward Somppi said Thursday. "We wouldn't involve the good, developable land," Somppi said. City officials continue to talk with representatives of SRG Sites Associates of Willoughby, which wants to buy at least 159 acres of the 286-acre park and market it to a company that would install wind turbine generators.
27 Jun 2008

Merits of commercial wind power undecided statewide

Wind can be strong or weak, consistent or unreliable, sufficient to support wind generation or not. It all depends on location. Local support for wind can also be strong or weak, consistent or unreliable, sufficient or insufficient to support wind generation. It, too, depends on location. About 200 people from across Virginia converged at JMU for the second annual VWEC symposium on wind energy and their interest in the industry was about the only thing they had in common. Most, but not all, supported wind power development. And not all those in favor were willing to accept wind energy unconditionally.
26 Jun 2008

Keeping a finger in the wind, Kidder passes turbine rules

Despite township Planning Commission concerns, Kidder Township supervisors voted Thursday to adopt an ordinance regulating the construction and use of residential windmills. ...Although the ordinance did receive a nod from the county Planning Commission, township planners earlier this month asked supervisors to postpone its adoption until further information was gathered. Tim Ryan, Pfeil's neighbor, opposes turbines in residential areas and has asked officials to consider the impact a turbine would have on wildlife, wetlands, and noise levels.
20 Jun 2008

Deal reached in wind turbine dispute

Two Fayette County property owners who opposed a windmill project have reached a tentative agreement with the developer that will ensure the turbines are built at least 6,000 feet away from their homes. Eric Williams of Skyline Drive in Wharton said Thursday that he and another property owner, Larry Williams, expect to finalize the tentative deal with PPM Atlantic Renewable Energy Corp. by next week. Sam Enfield of PPM confirmed yesterday that a verbal agreement has been reached. The two property owners, who are not related, were seeking to intervene in a lawsuit brought by PPM.
20 Jun 2008

Mahanoy Twp. tightens nuisance laws

Following action taken by the Mahanoy Township supervisors, nuisance laws, particularly in regard to dilapidated buildings, are becoming stricter. "We are amending our present ordinances to make them stricter. It is not fair to neighbors to have to live next door to these places," said Chairwoman Sharon Chiao following the meeting. She did not name specifics of the amendments. ...The supervisors agreed to approve the plans for Phase 2 of the Locust Ridge Wind Farm as soon as an agreement regarding the 12 proposed windmills is signed. Chiao said during the first phase, it took an extended amount of time and legal wrangling to come to an equitable agreement regarding the windmills. Chiao said after the meeting that during Phase 1, the township agreed to a stipend of $18,000 a year for the 12 windmills. This time they are seeking $23,000 a year for the 12 new windmills as costs continue to rise.
20 Jun 2008

Wind farm operator wants judge to toss civil lawsuit

The owner of a 100-acre wind farm in Juniata Township, Blair County, and three townships in Cambria County has asked a judge to dismiss a civil lawsuit filed by property owners complaining of noise and vibrations from the giant turbines. Allegheny Ridge Wind Farm LLC of Philadelphia said a court ruling in favor of a husband and wife complaining about the noise could "open the judicial floodgates to any neighbor to sue a wind farm after construction based on the wind farm's mere existence."
19 Jun 2008

Franklin Township supervisors adopt wind turbine ordinance

Supervisors adopted an ordinance that permits wind turbines as an exception and also adopted an ordinance that authorizes the tax collector to charge a fee for wage attachments when she collects delinquent per capita and occupational taxes. The wind turbine ordinance regulates the minimum height of the lowest position of the wind rotor at 25 feet above the ground, plus requires redundant braking systems and that wind mills must be at least 110 percent times the turbine height away from a structure or a neighboring property line.
18 Jun 2008

Wind farm appeal still in court; project plans continue to flow

A hearing on the appeal filed by the Tioga Preservation Group against the Tioga County Planning Commission's decision to grant a conditional approval to a 124-turbine wind farm project has not yet been scheduled, and it could be some time before any decision is made. And, no hearing will be scheduled soon, according to Ron Kamzelski, a member of the group that filed the appeal in Tioga County Court to change the decision about AES's project. "All the parties involved met with the judge in April so he could set ground rules and they agreed to prepare briefs in the case," Kamzelski said. ...[AES project director] White said the appeal still is in the court process but "has not caused us to stop moving forward."
17 Jun 2008
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