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DEP holds hearing on wind park plans

With two pipes beneath a road clogged in Noxen, Supervisor Carl Shook is concerned about runoff from a proposed wind farm in Wyoming County. "There is going to be a lot of water running off the mountain," Shook said. Shook was one of about 30 people last Wednesday who attended a public hearing ...The state Department of Environmental Protection held the hearing to receive public comment as it reviews an application from BP for a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit.
14 Jan 2009

Tyrone tie vote kills wind farm

A tie vote by Tyrone Borough Council means wind turbines won't be going up on Ice Mountain - at least for now. "Half the town's going to be pleased," said Mayor Jim Kilmartin, one of three who voted against leasing borough watershed land to wind energy developer Gamesa USA. "Half the town will be unpleased." Councilmen Mark Kosoglow and Steve Hanzir also voted against moving ahead with the project that would put 15 to 20 wind turbines on the mountain as part of Gamesa's Sandy Ridge Wind Farm.
13 Jan 2009

Gamesa Inc. slashes 184 jobs

Wind turbine manufacturer Gamesa Inc. announced it is laying off nearly 200 employees at its Keystone Industrial Port Complex plant in Fairless Hills because of the worldwide economic slowdown. ...Peck said changing conditions in the market and the plant's inability to produce efficient "next-generation" blades has all but forced the company to lay off 184 employees who work at the plant's blade production bay.
9 Jan 2009

Freeland authority to apply for windmill project

The Freeland Municipal Authority, which owns 515 acres of desolate land in Foster Township, would like to put that land to use - as a wind energy project. The board will be submitting an application, at no cost, for a site survey to the Renewable Energy Center of St. Francis University in Loretto, Cambria County. ...Quinn said the application is complete and ready to be forwarded to the Renewable Energy Center. But he cautioned that submitting the application does not mean a project is imminent.
25 Dec 2008

Wind experts duped local officials, Blue Knob couple's lawsuit claims

New documents filed in an ongoing civil lawsuit by a Portage-area couple against the Allegheny Ridge Wind Farm say that wind energy experts duped local officials into believing the turbine sound was insignificant. Todd and Jill Stull of the Blue Knob area say that developer Gamesa Energy USA and owner Babcock & Brown misled local officials by supporting development of an ordinance addressing higher noise levels.
24 Dec 2008

Wind turbines could be too loud, critics say

The Fayette County Planning Commission approved two amendments Thursday to a countywide windmill ordinance, but an attorney says the turbines could be too loud. The action occurred during a public hearing into the amendments related to plans by Iberdrola Renewables to erect 27 wind-powered turbines over a 3.5-mile area of Chestnut Ridge in Wharton, Georges and Springhill townships.
19 Dec 2008

Countywide ordinance setting guidelines for creation of wind turbines in Potter County slated for Thursday vote

The countywide ordinance setting guidelines for the creation of wind turbines in Potter County will be voted on at 11 a.m. Thursday. No guests are scheduled to speak on the subject at Thursday's meeting. However, the floor will be opened for public comment, as is the usual format prior to a vote. So far, this issue has received extensive feedback.
17 Dec 2008

Wind turbines topic of meeting

The Fayette County commissioners will hold a public hearing this week to discuss proposed changes to the county zoning ordinance dealing with wind turbines. The public hearing is being held to gather input before the commissioners make any decisions to change the ordinance. Also up for consideration will be allowing deep mining in agricultural and conservation zones.
16 Dec 2008

Wind farm neighbors safe for digital TV, says FPL

At midnight, February 17, national and local broadcasters will change how they transmit over-the-air TV from an analog signal, which has been used for decades now, to a digital signal, providing a clearer picture. But back in 2003 when this ambitious, renewable energy project fired up ..."We had a whole lot of trouble back then," said Ray Vogt, a Clinton Township resident. "When they (the turbines) were turning, you couldn't watch television at all."
16 Dec 2008

Rethinking the Grid: Means of transmitting energy is barrier to future expansion

"The development of renewable energy resources will require a significant expansion of the grid, as well as a significant increase in needed operating reserves given the intermittent nature of wind and other resources." PJM has 90,000 megawatts of new generation waiting for approval to feed into the grid, with nearly half that power coming from wind.
15 Dec 2008

Say no to turbines

A Gamesa representative recently claimed that its industrial wind plant sites are selected with ecological concerns in mind. If this is true, why was Gamesa not aware of the golden eagle transmitter study in the Alleghenies on going for more than a year? ...I believe that Gamesa uses research that only benefits its projects, not comprehensive studies.
10 Dec 2008

Couple files lawsuit against wind company

A local doctor and his wife have filed a lawsuit against the operator of a nearby wind farm saying they are losing sleep from the the constant ''whooshing'' and ''screeching'' caused by the wind turbines. Blair County Judge Daniel J. Milliron on Friday concluded his initial review of the lawsuit brought by Todd and Jill Stull of Portage RD, Blair County. Milliron kept the lawsuit largely intact although he dismissed several counts of the legal complaint including one that charged Gamesa Energy and its subsidiary, Allegheny Ridge Wind Farm LLC, with creating a public nuisance.
8 Dec 2008

Rep. Jerry A. Stern talks state level involvement in alternative energy and its effects locally

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, under Democrat Governor Edward G. Rendell's administration, put together an Alternative Energy Package that was passed last year, where the state borrowed $500 million to stimulate conservation efforts and alternative energy sources, such as windmills and solar. Rep. Stern explained that all of those efforts combined are good, but at the same time, he questioned the state's investment of $500 million in taxpayer dollars. The state's reasoning to invest such a large amount of money was to gain investment return dollars.
4 Dec 2008

Planners to vote on wind turbines

The Logan Township Planning Commission is scheduled to vote Tuesday on a request to expand the wind zone so turbines can be built above Avalon Road north of Altoona. The vote, in the form of a recommendation, will be a key factor for supervisors to consider when they address the request in January.
1 Dec 2008
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