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Fayette County approves higher wind turbine noise limit

Zapotosky said the county can change the ordinance, if the higher limit is found to be unacceptable. "If this does not work, it is our responsibility as a board of commissioners to correct it," Zapotosky said. "If we see this is not functioning properly, I'll be the first one to admit my mistake and revisit this."
29 Oct 2010

Neighbors seek to block wind turbine

Residents asked council to appeal a zoning hearing board decision that will allow the Central Bucks Ambulance and Rescue Unit to erect a windmill at its main station. Three North Street residents asked Doylestown Council this week to appeal a decision the Doylestown Zoning Hearing Board rendered last week that would allow Central Bucks Ambulance and Rescue Unit to erect a 60-foot wind turbine at its main station.
22 Sep 2010

For green believers, Turkey Point wind turbines cause some internal strife

It is actually difficult to put wind turbines on land where they don't interfere with bird flyways, said Phil Wallis, executive director of the Pennsylvania Audubon Society. The steady winds needed to make wind energy economically viable are the same that birds use ...the official position of Audubon to support wind energy -- just not this project, because it is not "sited" properly.
24 Aug 2010

Turbine tussle persists; Wind farm focus of public hearing

In written testimony to the Army Corps, Thomas Kunz, a biology professor at Boston University with a long list of studies and publications qualifying him as an expert on bats and their reproduction, said there is a high level of risk to the Indiana bat population at the proposed project site. The location is routinely and heavily used as a roosting and foraging location, as well as a potential bat migration path, Kunz said.
12 Aug 2010

Hearing today on wind farm proposal

A wind farm project stalled in the permitting process for more than three years will again come before the public at yet another hearing set for today at Somerset Area High School. Opponents and supporters of the Shaffer Mountain Wind Farm, a 30-turbine facility proposed by Gamesa Energy USA, are expected to testify.
11 Aug 2010

Northampton adopts ordinance regulating construction of alternative energy systems

While the new law bans wood-fired burnersand essentially relegates wind turbines to the less dense R-1 zoning district, it eases traditional setback requirements for residents and businesses contemplating systems like solar panels, said Komelasky. Without the ordinance, the turbines could have cropped up in high density neighborhoods and become a source of problems. And Komelasky said they can be "noisy and obtrusive."
4 Aug 2010

Commonwealth Foundation alleges that environmental group crosses line from educating to lobbying; PennFuture disagrees

Critics ask how PennFuture’s status as an educational nonprofit squares with its efforts to pass laws that will create business for its contributors, such as BP Solar and Clipper Windpower. They also question its receipt of $1.5 million in state grants in the past three years. The Commonwealth Foundation blasted PennFuture with harsh language, calling the group a “lobbying laundering organization for alternative energy special interests.”
19 Jul 2010

Commission votes to raise decibel level

By a 4-1 vote, the members sided with an earlier proposal made by Fayette County commissioners Vincent Zapotosky and Vincent Vicities to raise the decibel level to 70 ... Dr. Evelyn Hovanec, who cast the lone no vote, cautioned the board to make a "careful" decision.
9 Jul 2010

Middle Smithfield Township considers proposal for wind generators

Smollon said Monroe County, generally, isn't a good place for wind power based on national evaluations. But he said the higher elevation near the Country Club of the Poconos home development shows great promise for a limited number of generators. Electric City is working with GreenSky Technologies LLC, a new alternative energy marketing company based in Scranton.
9 Jul 2010

PennFuture's Lobbying

While the organization condemns the natural gas industry for its lobbying against increased and selective taxation of its investments, PennFuture has received nearly $1 million during the last five years from alternative energy companies. These companies benefited from PennFuture's lobbying.
8 Jul 2010

Company's request for wind farm in Wharton tabled

The debate over a proposed wind farm in Fayette County has generated more discussions over rhetoric and noise levels than electricity from its turbines. Yesterday, the county commissioners again attempted to find some middle ground between the company, Iberdrola, and residents living near the proposed site in Wharton.
25 Jun 2010
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