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Appeal of: Broad Mountain Development Company, LLC

Broad_mountian_development_company_thumb This 18-page opinion and order issued by a three-judge Commonwealth Court panel upheld county Judge Charles M. Miller's ruling that the zoning permit issued to  Broad Mountain Development Co. LLC was correctly revoked by Butler Township. Broad Mountain sought permission to construct 20-28 wind turbines in the township. The panel found the developer did not have the right to the permit because wind turbines were not allowed in a Woodland-Conservation zoning district in the township. In addition, the panel ruled that the citizens who opposed the building of the windmills filed a timely appeal of Broad Mountain's original permit, and the company did not acquire a vested right to the permit, according to the opinion written by Judge P. Kevin Brobson.
7 Mar 2011

Offshore windmills a potential risk to Erie waterfowl

But windmills remain controversial as wildlife, including waterfowl game species, fall victim to the spinning blades. Wind farm opponents say ducks and geese are at risk at a proposed off-shore venture in the Lake Erie flyway, which extends from Pennsylvania's Erie coastline through the Pymatuning Lake region. Two state senators have scheduled a public meeting on offshore wind energy for next month.
13 Feb 2011

Group aims to construct wind farm

If and when the company receives a commitment from property owners, Volkswind will apply for the necessary permits needed within the municipalities the wind farms will cover. ...Belleville resident Ed Glick, who owns 40 acres of land on Jack's Mountain, said he refuses to sign a lease amid concerns over the unsightly nature of the wind turbines.
26 Jan 2011

Amid growth of renewables, coal fights to keep its share

Last week, the coal lobby gained what it considers a friend in the governor's mansion: Tom Corbett, a native of Western Pennsylvania, where coal still pays the bills in thousands of households and underwrites community projects, and where a coal queen is crowned every year. What that means for the state's fledgling alternative-energy industries is not yet clear. But the stakes are high.
23 Jan 2011

Wind farm gets $6M from state

The state treasury is kicking in $6 million toward construction of the $122 million Highland North Wind Project in Adams and Summerhill townships. The Clean and Alternative Energy Grant Program funding was approved Thursday by Commonwealth Financing Agency, state Sen. John Wozniak, D-Westmont, and stateRep. Gary Haluska, D-Patton, announced.
14 Jan 2011

Council shoots down windmill

Doylestown officials, residents and the leaders of Central Bucks Ambulance and Rescue Unit have been talking for months about whether the ambulance squad should be allowed to install a 65-foot windmill at its headquarters. Because the borough owns the land on East Street, Doylestown Council had the final say. And the council said, "No."
21 Dec 2010

In York County, wind power lags behind as solar charges forward

William Fay's wind turbine juts from the landscape like a giant metal flower. Standing in a field at his 52-acre farm, he looked up at the motionless blades on the $80,000, 120-foot-tall turbine and said he doesn't have any regrets -- though he had hoped the unit would generate enough electricity to cover the amount consumed by his home, and it hasn't. At its current rate, it's going to take about 15 years -- 6 years longer than he calculated -- until he breaks even on the unit.
1 Dec 2010

Study: Energy push has cost to nature

With the prospect of up to 60,000 more natural gas wells drilled across the western, central and northern parts of the state along with nearly 3,000 new wind turbines over the next 20 years, Pennsylvania's natural environment will suffer unless developers look for ways to minimize the impact of new energy facilities, it says.
15 Nov 2010

Change delays windmill rules in Mahoning Township

The board added a provision to the windmill ordinance stating personal property windmills cannot cause loss of a signal, such as from a satellite or dish TV or a cell phone, to a neighboring property. As a result of the change, the supervisors will have to re-advertise the ordinance to be adopted at its Dec. 20 meeting.
10 Nov 2010
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