Articles from Oregon

Oregon Oregon Supreme Court ruling could alter energy projects 19 Jan
Oregon Giant wind farm nears approval for new, longer blades 2 Jan
USA Idaho Oregon Idaho needs more power but parts of Oregon object 30 Dec 2019
Montana Oregon Facebook deal spurs PacifiCorp's rush to build a Montana wind farm 1 Nov 2019
USA Oregon Washington Oregon State study says wind turbines threaten migrating bats 22 Sep 2019
Oregon Washington Hoary bat numbers decline amid wind turbine expansion 22 Sep 2019
Montana Oregon Construction to begin on wind farm near Bridger after approval 12 Sep 2019
Oregon Oregon Supreme Court says the state improperly shut the public out of deciding where to place energy facilities 4 Aug 2019
Oregon Oregon Supreme Court ruling could nix permits for big energy projects 3 Aug 2019
Oregon Oregon Supreme Court Invalidates Energy Council's Rules for Modifying Power Plants 1 Aug 2019
Oregon Wind energy projects pose conflicts; Rural areas weigh impacts 23 Jul 2019
Oregon Wind project draws fire 13 Apr 2019
Oregon Oregon wind developer contemplates super-tall turbines 14 Sep 2018
Oregon Wind turbine sparks grass fire 4 Aug 2018
Oregon Native birds face legal threats, in Oregon and beyond 11 Feb 2018
Oregon Tillamook transmission line proposal meets with controversy 27 Dec 2017
Oregon More Gorge wind dealing: Avangrid Renewables adds 400MW project to its pipeline 16 Nov 2017
Oregon PacifiCorp facing regulatory blowback on wind power plans 11 Oct 2017
Oregon Eastern Oregon wind power heats up with new project 18 Sep 2017
Oregon Wyoming State regulators push back on PGE's green energy plan 12 Aug 2017
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