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Spotted owl advocates pipe up over Whistling Ridge wind farm proposal

Wednesday's letter was signed by Seattle Audubon, Friends of the Columbia Gorge, Conservation Northwest, the American Bird Conservancy and the Gifford Pinchot Task Force. It said the Fish and Wildlife Service made "multiple factual errors" in its earlier finding. Among them: The agency implied that the owl documented in 2010 in the vicinity of the project was detected only three times.
6 Oct 2011

Navy, wind project collide

The Navy has shut down wind projects near the bombing range in the past. The Horn Butte project in Gilliam County, for example, was midway through its permitting process when the Navy, via the Federal Aviation Administration, issued a “no build” order. McLane said the turbines in the Echo Wind Project somehow flew under the Navy radar because of a change in the federal review process.
24 Sep 2011

Court won't enforce turbine noise rules

The Morrow County Court stunned a crowd Wednesday when it refused to enforce an Oregon law that limits the noise a wind project can make at nearby homes. The court voted 2-1 that, although noise from the Willow Creek wind project exceeds state standards at a few homes, the violations did not warrant enforcement action.
26 Aug 2011

Idaho wind projects seek Oregon rates

"This is a blatant attempt to manipulate and avoid the Idaho commission's rates, rules and regulations that are designed to implement PURPA and protect Idaho Power's customers," the company states in its petition to the PUC. The developers argue that the PUC is prohibited by federal law from regulating qualifying PURPA projects.
23 Aug 2011

County approves fee increases

"Wind and other energy facilities" producing more than a megawatt is charged $5,000 plus $1,000 for each wind turbine. The county also is increasing a yearly renewal fee, especially for commercial wind energy facilities, from $50 to $500.
7 Jul 2011

The future of wind development

"While we understand the board had a difficult decision to make, we are disappointed in the outcomes and the process," she said. "The impacts of the code amendment will vary from project to project but overall I can anticipate less economic development in the county from renewable energy development."
2 Jul 2011

Umatilla County turbine rules OK'd

"We were trying to set standards that would be a protection for the environment but also the citizens. Umatilla County is unique in our landscape, we have a number of critical streams in our mountains and some very erodible soils in some area and we don't want to create issues that could damage those."
30 Jun 2011

BPA took proper course of action

Wind developers are federally subsidized with tax credits and they are asking the BPA to pay for those credits temporarily lost during curtailment. This would amount to customers of public utilities paying private investors to stop producing electricity when it isn’t needed. BPA already gives these producers free hydropower to compensate for power deliveries they give up when production is curbed.
26 Jun 2011

LUBA hands wind dispute back to Morrow County

The Oregon Land Use Board of Appeals has asked the Morrow County Court to take another look at its decision regarding the Willow Creek wind farm and its neighbors. The court ruled in January that the 48-turbine project near Ione exceeded the state's noise control rule at one nearby home.
11 Jun 2011
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