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Lawsuit against wind energy project near Steens Mountain pits green groups against green project

Rancher Hoyt Wilson's remote Mann Lake Ranch headquarters has Steens Mountain's north end for its backdrop. The breathtaking panorama that has gone unchanged since the Western frontier may one day be dominated by dozens of 415-foot-tall wind turbines, part of a $300 million renewable energy project. The project pits spectacular scenery against the production of energy.
3 May 2012

BPA orders NW wind farms to curtail production

The agency, which manages much of the power grid in the Northwest, confirmed it issued the orders during the early morning hours of Sunday and Monday, when demand is low. The action rekindles a dispute from last year, when the agency curtailed wind turbines because the water from a large mountain snowpack.
30 Apr 2012

BPA braces for strong spring runoff, excess power and wind power cuts

It's springtime in the Northwest ...Occasionally, it means more hydro and wind electricity is pulsing into the grid than anyone can use. That's a major problem for wind farm owners ...when BPA can suddenly shut down their output to prevent "over-generation." The cutoffs can mean millions of dollars in lost revenue, and put a cloud over further wind development in the Northwest.
7 Apr 2012

Umatilla Commission denies WKN power line appeal

The Umatilla County Planning Commission denied a permit for the power line Nov. 17, stating WKN should look for alternatives to an entirely new transmission line. WKN appealed that decision Dec. 6 and the board of commissioners, 2-0, denied its appeal Monday. Commissioner Bill Hansell recused himself from the hearing, citing a perception of a conflict of interest.
15 Feb 2012

Wind farm developer announces layoffs

Energy company Iberdrola Renewables cited multiple factors for a decision to scale back on new projects. That led directly to layoffs in engineering, construction and development. "The low energy prices and the regulatory uncertainty here in the U.S. are by far the biggest decision makers," says company spokeswoman Jan Johnson.
25 Jan 2012

BPA asks feds to reconsider dispute pitting wind farms against dams

The order ignited something of a brush fire in Northwest energy circles, with BPA's public utility customers making a perennial complaint that the feds are usurping control of an agency that, by statute, is supposed to benefit the region. They also reject the idea that BPA should absorb any costs to integrate wind power onto the grid, since the bulk of that electricity is shipped out of state.
7 Jan 2012

Blue Mountain Alliance opposes new wind farm

Members of Blue Mountain Alliance, the group appealing the Chopin Wind Project, are preparing for the hearing before the Umatilla County Board of Commissioners on Nov. 28. “As a group of individuals, we meet as we have time and discuss how we’re going to approach the seven items listed in the appeal and prioritize our efforts where we think will be best,” said Norm Kralman, of Milton-Freewater.
18 Nov 2011

Wind farms disrupting radar, scientists say

Government agencies that depend on radar -- such as the Department of Defense and the National Weather Service -- are spending millions in a scramble to preserve their detection capabilities. ...Spinning wind turbines make it hard to detect incoming planes. To avoid that problem, military officials have blocked wind farm construction near their radars -- and in some cases later allowed them after politicians protested.
5 Nov 2011

America's worst wind-energy project

The subsidies available for wind projects allow Duke to earn returns on equity of 17 to 22 percent. In other words, for all of the bragging by the wind-industry proponents about the rapid growth in wind-generation capacity, the main reason that capacity is growing is that companies such as GE and Duke are able to goose their profits by putting up turbines so they can collect subsidies from taxpayers.
12 Oct 2011

Whistling Ridge wind farm, just outside Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, gets siting plan vote

Critics such as Friends of the Columbia Gorge also contend the company's wildlife and noise surveys were inadequate, and that the minimal amount of energy generated won't be worth the permanent damage ...Five organizations, led by the Seattle Audubon Society, filed this week for regulators to undertake a new analysis of how the project would impact the spotted owl, an endangered species.
6 Oct 2011
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