Library from Oregon

Oregon Transformer fire causes spill in Sherman County 29 Nov 2013
Oregon Antelope Ridge wind farm withdrawn by developers 25 Sep 2013
Oregon $30 million in BETCs for Shepherds Flat wind farm? State needs to explain it better 22 Sep 2013
Oregon No reason given yet for Antelope Ridge application withdrawal 20 Sep 2013
Oregon Oregon lawmakers question triple wind tax credits 18 Sep 2013
Oregon Oregon lawmakers question state Department of Energy staff on tax credits for Shepherds Flat wind farm 17 Sep 2013
Oregon Commissioners to hear wind farm appeal 9 Sep 2013
Oregon Hearings on wind farms will be welcome 26 Aug 2013
Oregon Oregon legislators to review Shepherds Flat wind farm tax credits that were approved by state Department of Energy 26 Aug 2013
Oregon Oregon man files $5 million suit over wind farm noise 11 Aug 2013
Oregon Eastern Oregon resident sues over Willow Creek wind project noise level 10 Aug 2013
Oregon Complaint filed US District Court: Daniel Brian Williams v. Willow Creek Energy LLC 9 Aug 2013
Oregon Near miss on Oregon clean-fuel folly 27 Jul 2013
Oregon Planning Commission denies wind farm permits 24 Jul 2013
USA Oregon Echoes of Solyndra in Oregon wind farm probe 23 Jul 2013
Oregon Shepherds Flat developers took full advantage federal, state and local taxpayer subsidies to fund the $2 billion wind farm 21 Jul 2013
Oregon Oregon Energy Department decides Shepherds Flat deserves 3 tax credits, $30 million; rules say otherwise 20 Jul 2013
Oregon Wind farms pose too big a risk for county 19 Jul 2013
Oregon Wind farm proposals spur debate 17 Jul 2013
USA Oregon Washington Wind farms touted as 'green' energy source but have impact on birds 2 Jul 2013
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