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Commissioners to hear wind farm appeal

Some of the proposed sites for installing wind turbines are in core sage grouse habitat. That fact, as well as potential effects of the turbines on the region's viewshed and, in turn, it's economy, came up repeatedly during proceedings about the conditional-use permit required for the project.
9 Sep 2013

Oregon legislators to review Shepherds Flat wind farm tax credits that were approved by state Department of Energy

"If it is true that the state, in one stroke, gave away or simply wasted $20 million, the people of Oregon deserve an explanation and the assurance that we will take steps to change the law so it cannot happen again." ..."Unless someone can show me some additional information," she said, "it's pretty clear that taxpayers got bilked."
26 Aug 2013

Hearings on wind farms will be welcome

At the heart of the money problem is the state's decision to award the project three tax credits with a combined value of $30 million rather than the single tax credit worth $10 million to which it was entitled. Shepherds Flat began as one project that subsequently was broken up into three pieces in an attempt to maximize state subsidies.
26 Aug 2013

Oregon man files $5 million suit over wind farm noise

Williams filed a lawsuit Friday against Invenergy, the Illinois-based company behind the wind farm, for non-economic losses up to $5 million, as well as economic losses -- mostly related to property value depreciation -- for $170,000. Since Invenergy began construction on the 50 wind turbines at Willow Creek in 2008, it has fought in the courts over noise compliance.
11 Aug 2013

Eastern Oregon resident sues over Willow Creek wind project noise level

Williams acknowledged the company has tried to work on a solution, but he contends that the Chicago-based company's proposed measures are inadequate and untested. The complaint also notes that the local county commission and land-use appeals panels agreed that the wind farm was exceeding permissible noise levels, but officials have done nothing to curb the project's operations.
10 Aug 2013

Near miss on Oregon clean-fuel folly

Taxpayers should be dismayed by the Shepherds Flat wind farm mess, which The Oregonian's Ted Sickinger dissected on Sunday and Monday. They also should be relieved. By the narrowest of margins, the Oregon Senate this year stalled another complex clean-energy program that many Oregonians would regret in several years, long after it had gained too much momentum (and subsidized too many businesses) to stop easily.
27 Jul 2013

Planning Commission denies wind farm permits

Grove and other commissioners believe wind farms would affect the local economy as well. The county has "spent a lot of money" promoting the Oregon Trail, Grove said during the lengthy discussion. Erecting turbines isn't "preserving an asset in particular interest to the community," he said.
24 Jul 2013

Echoes of Solyndra in Oregon wind farm probe

In contrast, federal officials didn't seem to have much doubt that the Shepherds Flat project would progress. Still, The Oregonian cited an email from Jim McCrea, a credit adviser in DOE's loan program office, suggesting heavy interest from the White House to make a decision on Shepherds Flat. "Pressure is on real heavy on SF due to interest from VP," McCrea wrote to a contractor in September 2010.
23 Jul 2013

Shepherds Flat developers took full advantage federal, state and local taxpayer subsidies to fund the $2 billion wind farm

In the end, Caithness sold its three tax credits at a discount to WalMart and Comcast. The extra cash from the sale of the wind farm's second and third tax credit will generate less than 0.7 percent of its price. "These tax credits would not have made a whit of difference in the construction of this project, and yet $20 million would make an extraordinary difference to the people of Oregon," said Lynn Frank, former director of the state Energy Department.
21 Jul 2013

Oregon Energy Department decides Shepherds Flat deserves 3 tax credits, $30 million; rules say otherwise

The Oregon Department of Energy ignored its own rules, legislators' intent and taxpayers' interests in reaffirming its decision to define Shepherds Flat wind farm as three separate facilities and provide its owners three separate $10 million tax credits. ..."What is clear, without question, is that they have sought how to qualify it, not how to disqualify it. Any reasonable person looking at the project would have denied the application."
20 Jul 2013

Wind farm proposals spur debate

A standing-room only crowd attended a Baker County Planning Commission meeting Tuesday concerning two wind farms that could be built near Huntington and Lime. The meeting lasted more than four hours. Dozens of residents spoke about the proosals, and most opposed new wind farms.
17 Jul 2013

Wind farms touted as 'green' energy source but have impact on birds

Touted as a green solution to feed our nation's hunger for energy, wind farms are also blamed for killing millions of birds. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service estimates 440,000 birds are killed nationwide each year by wind farms. The number is expected to reach one million per year by 2030. ..."What we don't want to be 10 - 15 years down the road is like the dams, another clean cheap form of energy that turns out to have huge impacts on salmon. It's very hard to go back and retrofit facilities once they're on the ground."
2 Jul 2013

NW wind industry slows

You might have seen wind turbines springing up all over the Northwest in the past decade. This year, the region's wind industry has faced a different story. Not a single new wind farms is under construction in the Northwest.
26 May 2013

Renewable energy initiative approved for signature gathering

An initiative that would allow utilities to count all hydroelectric power toward renewable energy requirements was approved this week for signature gathering. The initiative seeks to alter renewable portfolio standards approved in 2007 ...The law prohibits large utilities from counting hydroelectric power generated by dams built before 1995 towards the standard.
16 May 2013

BPA plan would share costs of wind-power shutdown

The Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) this week released a new proposal to share the "oversupply costs" that pile up when there is not enough demand for all the electricity produced by hydroelectric dams and wind-power producers. During these oversupply periods, when wind-power producers may be asked to shut down, the plan would compensate them for lost revenue, according to Doug Johnson, a BPA spokesman.
18 Apr 2013

Oregon Energy Department re-evaluating $30 million in tax credits to wind farm

The developer of the mammoth wind farm, New York-based Caithness Energy, went though the legal exercise of subdividing the project on paper to qualify for three separate, $10 million state subsidies. The Energy Department approved them in the last six months, despite sufficient evidence in two of its own analyses to define the wind farm as a single facility, deserving only one tax credit.
9 Mar 2013
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