Library from Ontario

Ontario MOECC staff knows about wind turbine health effects, WCO tells Minister 8 Jun 2017
Ontario Landowner upset he hasn't received response after letting biologists study his woodlot 7 Jun 2017
Ontario Wind turbine opponents demand halt to approvals 7 Jun 2017
Ontario Anti-wind turbine advocates say public complaint process inadequate 1 Jun 2017
Ontario Response to Wind Turbine Complaints 31 May 2017
Ontario New York Update: Horse Creek Wind Project 13 May 2017
Ontario Dashwood couple’s problem with shadow flicker raises ire 5 May 2017
USA Michigan Oklahoma Ontario Missouri Big ‘Green’ and Mean: A Wind-Energy Giant Attacks Small-Town America 2 May 2017
Ontario Endangered turtles wind protection from wind farm in Ontario Canada 28 Apr 2017
Ontario More shadow flicker from turbines 27 Apr 2017
Ontario Review of ERT Remedy decision on the WPD White Pines Project 27 Apr 2017
Ontario Province should halt turbine project: Environmental group 4 Apr 2017
Ontario Wind still fills sails of Wynne arrogance 30 Mar 2017
Ontario Group wants province to cancel wind power project 28 Mar 2017
Ontario MPP sounds alarm on wind cash; Mayor says taxpayers will benefit from extra revenues generated 28 Mar 2017
Ontario Rural residents protest planned construction of 16 to 20 turbines despite strong vote opposing it 24 Mar 2017
Ontario Wind developer offering well testing 14 Mar 2017
Ontario Citizens’ group prepares to begin testing of wells in Dover Township 8 Mar 2017
Canada Nova Scotia Ontario Turbine turmoil avoidable, study says 7 Mar 2017
Ontario Thibeault urged to kill costly wind and solar energy program 2 Mar 2017
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