Library from Ontario

Canada Nova Scotia Ontario Turbine turmoil avoidable, study says 7 Mar 2017
Ontario Thibeault urged to kill costly wind and solar energy program 2 Mar 2017
Ontario Hydro prices: Critics say reported Ontario plan to slash electricity rates by 25 per cent is a 'shell game' 2 Mar 2017
Ontario Don’t take wind money, committee told 1 Mar 2017
Ontario Ontario energy minister admits mistake with green energy program 25 Feb 2017
Ontario An earful over turbine noise 17 Feb 2017
Ontario Brant pulls plug on wind turbine projects 16 Feb 2017
Ontario No end in sight for Ontario's offshore wind moratorium 13 Feb 2017
Ontario Proposed wind turbines will be significantly taller 6 Feb 2017
Ontario Lambton council sets out approval requirement for financial and policy decisions involving wind turbine companies 2 Feb 2017
Ontario Wind energy project needs lakeside park 1 Feb 2017
Ontario Resistance 6 Jan 2017
Ontario Clearview residents halt wind turbine development 2 Jan 2017
Ontario Report on wildlife kills at Cedar Point project expected in March 16 Dec 2016
Ontario Response to McCunney et al.: Wind turbines and health: An examination of a proposed case definition 16 Dec 2016
Ontario Clearview wind turbine project granted remedy hearing on bat issue 15 Dec 2016
Ontario Bungled wind farm deal destroys green dreams 12 Dec 2016
Ontario Wind-farm fiasco part of ugly energy file 8 Dec 2016
Ontario Ontario's $28M-and-counting wind-farm fiasco laid bare in trade ruling 8 Dec 2016
Ontario North Stormont and La Nation fight wind farm project 5 Dec 2016
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