Library from Ontario

Ontario Windsor's wind turbine plant gets $60K fine for injured worker 22 Mar 2019
Ontario Answers still sought on CS Wind 22 Mar 2019
Ontario Wait continues to frustrate Water Wells First group 15 Mar 2019
Ontario CS Wind stops producing wind turbines in Windsor 14 Mar 2019
Ontario Water activists target medical officer of health 12 Mar 2019
Ontario Melancthon landowner seeks $500,000 in damages from Dufferin Wind over transmission lines 5 Mar 2019
Ontario Wind farm equipment removed 14 Feb 2019
Ontario Wind energy may be green, but the water in Chatham-Kent is brown 12 Feb 2019
Ontario North Stormont citizens lose wind turbine appeal 9 Jan 2019
Ontario Building wind turbines where they’re not wanted brings down property values 8 Jan 2019
Ontario Ontario Scraps the Green Energy Act 8 Dec 2018
Ontario At least 3 construction-related fires broke out at Ontario wind farm weeks before massive wildfire 5 Dec 2018
Ontario Wind project construction ignites brush fires 5 Dec 2018
Ontario Riina I. Bray MD: Impacts of wind turbines on human health 28 Nov 2018
Ontario Tories moving on health hazard study into wind turbines 1 Nov 2018
Ontario Plympton-Wyoming mayor calls for wind companies to pay more 7 Oct 2018
Ontario Ontario plans Green Energy Act repeal 21 Sep 2018
Ontario Rex Murphy: The Green Energy Act is dead. Let that be a warning to green politicians 21 Sep 2018
Ontario Government still promising health-hazard investigation 4 Sep 2018
Ontario Whitehorse's wind turbines are pretty much blown 16 Aug 2018
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