Articles filed under Legal from Ontario

Ontario Families plan to proceed with turbine Charter challenge 6 Mar 2015
Ontario Anti-turbine farm families fight legal bill from wind-farm companies 1 Mar 2015
Ontario Families hoping Ontario's top court will hear their fight against wind farms 22 Jan 2015
Ontario Councillor in awe of volunteers who helped with wind turbine appeal 12 Jan 2015
Ontario Four Ontario families lose wind farm case 30 Dec 2014
Ontario Wind turbine appeal to be heard in Smithville 30 Nov 2014
Canada Ontario Legal battle over Ontario wind turbine farm may redefine ‘harm’ 22 Nov 2014
Ontario Judges urged to keep people safe as wind turbine court appeal ends 21 Nov 2014
Ontario 'Express lane' approvals for turbines tramples residents' rights, lawyer argues 19 Nov 2014
Canada Ontario Ontario’s wind farm approval process faces constitutional challenge 18 Nov 2014
Ontario Wind farm on Oak Ridges Moraine up for appeal hearing 17 Nov 2014
Ontario Labour Ministry has issued dozens of work orders against CS Wind 6 Nov 2014
Ontario Judge reserves decision on wind farms 5 Oct 2014
Ontario Court refuses to stop huge Ontario wind-farm construction pending appeal 3 Oct 2014
Ontario Court asked to stop construction of huge Ontario wind farm 21 Sep 2014
Antartica Ontario Judges quash majority of turbine appeal; Setback issue to be argued Sept. 3 13 Aug 2014
Ontario Appeal delays Grand Bend wind farm 9 Jul 2014
Ontario McGuinty government changed green energy rules to benefit Liberal-linked firms, court filing charges 9 Jun 2014
Ontario Armow wind appeal dismissed 23 Apr 2014
Ontario Stay granted: Work at Ostrander Point is stopped until an appeal decision is rendered 4 Apr 2014
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