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The Mainstreet Research survey suggests an even split in public opinion about Ontario's embrace of wind energy

“The people who don’t like wind power right now really, really don’t like wind power, and the people who do like wind power are only somewhat okay with it,” said David Valentin, executive vice president of Mainstreet Research. ...More than 60 per cent of respondents believed wind power has contributed to higher power bills and 59 per cent expect the charges will keep increasing over the next 12 months.
8 Jun 2016

OPP probes wind-farm records

Trillium claims in its court filing that its project got caught up in the same electoral worry before the 2011 election that led the McGuinty government to cancel the two gas plants. Those two gas plants, in Oakville and in Mississauga, were locally unpopular and might have put Liberal-held seats at risk. Ultimately McGuinty won a third term with a minority.
4 May 2016

Not backing down on Nation Rise Wind Farm

Benke related a story of her nephew who had purchased his first home in Shelburne and within a year or two wind turbines went up around his land. “He couldn’t live in his house anymore,” she said. “He abandoned his house. He likened (the noise) to living inside a drum.”
2 May 2016

Legislature says no to Simcoe-Grey MPP Wilson's motion to halt Clearview Township wind project

Simcoe-Grey MPP Jim Wilson put forward a private member’s resolution asking the Liberal government to cancel WPD Canada’s Fairview Wind project that would site eight 500-foot wind turbines, including two within 2.1 nautical miles of the Collingwood Regional Airport. . ...Transport Canada rules only determine how an obstruction will be marked so it’s visible to pilots, while NAV Canada only assessed the safety risk as it pertained to instrument approaches, not visual approaches. 
22 Apr 2016

Energy minister defends Elgin wind farm

Eighty-four per cent of Dutton-Dunwich reidents who voted in a referendum last year opposed wind farm development. ...the Liberal government is trying to divert attention from the fact it said municipalities would have a say on wind farms. “They ignored the wishes of the municipality.”
14 Apr 2016

Native wind farm OK stirs up hot air locally

McWilliam said he doesn’t believe it’s fair that wind farm companies can draw their support from First Nations that are not in the area. Yurek said the case underlines how the Liberals have ignored rural Ontario for more than a decade in decisions about where to locate such projects.
13 Apr 2016

Wind farm gets ministry approval

Officials at the airport, which is owned by the Town on Collingwood on 158 hectares (392 acres) in Clearview, have fought the project from the start, saying turbine height will affect flight paths and pose a danger to pilots in inclement weather. “If there is a death of someone running into one of these turbines, I’m going to hold Kathleen Wynne accountable,” Wilson said.
12 Feb 2016

BRIGHTON: Province in conflict on Trenton windmill plant

The province has given and loaned the business $56.3 million since mid-2010 to launch a new enterprise at the former TrentonWorks site to build turbine towers and make blades for windmills. But the market was soft and despite promises to build a workforce of 500, employment peaked at 220. This week, 31 employees at the plant were building nothing.
31 Jan 2016

Wind energy hearing picks up on island

After more than a month-long hiatus, the Environmental Review Tribunal's hearing into the Amherst Island wind energy project resumed Monday. The tribunal began three days of hearings in Stella this week and included a tour of 16 points around the island.
29 Jan 2016
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