Library from Oklahoma

Oklahoma Clean energy company drops out of The Wind Coalition because of accusations involving legislator 24 Mar 2018
Oklahoma Bill to change incentives for wind energy could damage state's ability to attract businesses, critics say 23 Mar 2018
Oklahoma Oklahoma lawmakers propose cutting tax credits for wind farms 14 Mar 2018
Oklahoma Walmart agrees to purchase power from PSO's proposed Wind Catcher project 12 Mar 2018
Oklahoma Anti-Wind Bills Prompt Predictions of Lawsuits, Bankruptcies and More Broken Promises 4 Mar 2018
Oklahoma Wind Catcher files exceptions to judge's report against project pre-approval 4 Mar 2018
USA Oklahoma Tenth Circuit takes expansive view of the definition of the term “mining,” holding wind farm project needs permit prior to commencement of excavation in tribal mineral estate 1 Mar 2018
Arkansas Oklahoma Why Oklahoma’s Wind Catcher is a bad deal for Arkansas 1 Mar 2018
Oklahoma Texan hired a PI firm that tracked legislator, OSBI says 28 Feb 2018
Oklahoma In Oklahoma, a war over wind power 14 Feb 2018
Oklahoma Sweeping tax bill fails after vote remained open for hours in House 13 Feb 2018
Oklahoma Wind Catcher costs request gets negative recommendation 13 Feb 2018
Oklahoma Tax Commission letter refutes claims of wind industry 8 Feb 2018
Oklahoma Tempers flare with talk of 'punitive' wind energy taxation 6 Feb 2018
Oklahoma Oklahoma, America’s No. 2 wind producer, sours on the industry 30 Jan 2018
Oklahoma Public Service Co. of Oklahoma sets additional community meetings to discuss a power line plan 26 Jan 2018
USA Arkansas Oklahoma Tennessee Clean Line shelves Arkansas plans; Delegation steps up attack 24 Jan 2018
Oklahoma Lawmaker Sues Oklahoma Private Investigation Firm in Spying Case 22 Jan 2018
Oklahoma Wind industry leader denies spying on a state lawmaker 19 Jan 2018
Oklahoma Legislation gives military more say on wind turbine locations 17 Jan 2018
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