Library from Oklahoma

Oklahoma Sperry residents uninformed about PSO open house 14 Nov 2017
Oklahoma 10th Circuit Court declines to rehear Wind Farm case 18 Oct 2017
Oklahoma Air Force bases must have areas protected from wind farm intrusion 12 Oct 2017
Oklahoma McBride: Rainy Day Fund to pay wind tax bill 29 Sep 2017
Oklahoma Osage Nation wins wind farm fight 27 Sep 2017
USA Oklahoma New wind farms cause friction In the sky over military flight routes 11 Sep 2017
Oklahoma PSO Wind Catcher case should proceed, regulatory judge says 25 Aug 2017
Oklahoma Oklahoma AG, PSO argue over case for $4.5 billion Wind Catcher project 19 Aug 2017
Oklahoma Oklahoma AG seeks dismissal of PSO Wind Catcher case 15 Aug 2017
Oklahoma States Are Reviewing Plans for Largest US Wind Project, Revealed in Oklahoma 9 Aug 2017
USA Oklahoma PSO wants quick approval from Oklahoma regulators on $4.5 billion wind, transmission project 1 Aug 2017
Oklahoma Firefighters respond to wind turbine fire 29 Jul 2017
Oklahoma Assessment upheld in wind farm hearing 28 Jul 2017
Oklahoma Blowin' in the wind: Turbine developments’ impact on military training being debated 23 Jul 2017
Oklahoma The public deserves to know problem 22 Jul 2017
Oklahoma Wind farms hamper the military 20 Jul 2017
Oklahoma Blade from wind turbine falls into Oklahoma man’s cornfield 19 Jul 2017
Oklahoma Wind farms jeopardize military flight training, agency chief says 5 Jul 2017
USA Oklahoma Researchers found they could hack entire wind farms 29 Jun 2017
Oklahoma Experimental wind turbine near Hooker collapses 20 Jun 2017
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