Library from Oklahoma

Oklahoma Federal judge dismisses nuisance case against Oklahoma wind farm 13 Oct 2016
Oklahoma Nation awaits 10th Circuit Court ruling in Wind Farm case 11 Oct 2016
Oklahoma Wind damages turbines near Minco 7 Oct 2016
Oklahoma “Rural America is just going away,” Wind farm causes man to move 6 Oct 2016
Oklahoma Residents call for stricter wind farm regulations in nuisance complaint case 29 Sep 2016
Oklahoma Anti-incentive group claims wind credits blow hole in Oklahoma budget 3 Sep 2016
Oklahoma Oklahoma's big in wind energy, and it's blowing holes in the state budget ...It’s blowing holes in state budget 5 Aug 2016
Oklahoma Lid blown off wind subsidies 17 Jun 2016
Oklahoma Corporate tax is big loser for Oklahoma in May 15 Jun 2016
Oklahoma Oklahoma Secretary of Finance critical of wind industry tax credits 14 Jun 2016
Oklahoma Oklahoma House committee defeats bill to speed up end of wind energy tax credit 16 May 2016
Oklahoma Tennessee Wind Energy Tax Credits 3 May 2016
Oklahoma Citizens' tax dollars headed overseas in form of tax breaks for wind industry 3 May 2016
Oklahoma Policy think tank slams wind energy industry in report on tax credits 29 Apr 2016
Oklahoma Wind debate: Incentives blowing a hole in Oklahoma's budget 29 Apr 2016
Oklahoma Oklahoma and Big Wind: Residents Speak Out! 3 Apr 2016
USA Arkansas Oklahoma Texas Alexander hits DOE plan to take part in clean line wind power project 27 Mar 2016
Oklahoma Anti-wind industry signs popping up across the Metro 16 Mar 2016
Oklahoma Auditor Gary Jones: Are wind subsidies adding to budget shortfall? 2 Mar 2016
Oklahoma State pays millions more in wind-energy incentives than projected 24 Jan 2016
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