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BIA Superintendent halts Wind Farm construction

Osageletter_thumb The limestone underneath the surface had been crushed and piled around the wind turbine foundation. The Osage Nation owns all the minerals under the surface to make up the Osage Minerals Estate. Without a Sandy Soil Permit granted from the Osage Agency, construction cannot proceed.
14 Oct 2014

BIA fields wind complaint

Osage Nation Chief Geoffrey Standing Bear filed a complaint with the Bureau of Indian Affairs on Monday, alleging that the company actively building a wind farm west of Pawhuska might be crushing limestone excavated from the area and using it in wind turbine foundations. ...‘They are using our rock for their business. That requires a permit and it requires an environmental assessment, and that’s that,” Standing Bear said. “if this company believes the rules don’t apply to them, then we have a real problem on our hands.”
6 Oct 2014

Wind energy proves a problem, not panacea

But, as states such as Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas are discovering, there is no such thing as free electricity – in addition to the financial costs, there are political and environmental costs associated with even the most renewable sources. And politicians are beginning to see the truth that executives of renewable energy companies are just as invested in the success of their corporations as those who run coal companies. The struggle for that kind of power will go on no matter what source of energy the politicians back next.
3 Oct 2014

Mineral rights violation alleged at wind farm site

In a letter dated Sept. 29, Standing Bear informed Osage Agency Superintendent Robin Phillips about a report his office received alleging “an unauthorized taking of Osage minerals” from northwestern Osage County land that is being leased for the proposed project by TradeWinds Energy.
2 Oct 2014

A decade after welcoming wind, states reconsider

Today, many of the same political leaders who initially welcomed the wind industry want to regulate it more tightly, even in red states like Oklahoma, where candidates regularly rail against government interference. The change of heart is happening as wind farms creep closer to more heavily populated areas.
1 Oct 2014

As Oklahoma wind industry matures, some call for greater regulation

After more than a decade of rapid growth in Oklahoma, the wind industry is like a teenager that might need some guidance as its developments grow closer to populated areas and conflicts arise. That was among the opinions offered Thursday at a packed meeting at the Oklahoma Corporation Commission to study wind farm siting, notification of landowners and decommissioning.
11 Sep 2014

Land owners file class action against Apex to prevent wind farm construction

The lawsuit was brought against Apex Clean Energy Inc., Apex Clean Energy Holdings LLC, Kingfisher Wind LLC, Kingfisher Wind Land Holdings LLC, Kingfisher Transmission LLC, Campbell Creek Wind LLC and Campbell Creek Wind Transmission LLC. The plaintiffs all live within three miles of the planned wind farm and own property within the “no-build” zone of the planned locations of the wind turbines, the suit says.
3 Sep 2014

Oklahoma Corporation Commission inquiry on wind power issues

2014-232_20noi_20filed_208-12-14_thumb The Oklahoma Corporation Commission voted to open a notice of inquiry into wind farms. Two technical conferences to further refine questions are scheduled for Sept. 11 and Oct. 15. A hearing before the commission is set for Dec. 2. The text of the notice is provided below. The full document can be accessed by clicking the links on this page.
12 Aug 2014

Why Oklahoma’s wind energy future could be shaped by Osage County

The little tallgrass prairie that remains in Oklahoma has survived because it’s rocky and elevated above the plain, which, historically, made it hard for farmers to plow. But that elevation has attracted interest from wind developers, which is why Hamilton says the Conservancy is fighting to keep TradeWind Energy’s 16,000-acre Mustang Run project from breaking ground near the preserve.
24 Jul 2014

Old friends face off in Oklahoma wind farm debate

Robson is spending money on the fight, too. He has hired two lobbyists to counter representatives of wind energy, employs a marketing expert and is starting an effort called WindWaste to publicize the state’s wind policies. “They’re sucking all of the money out of the state budget to subsidize the wind energy,” Robson said. “Let them be like we are in business. If they make a profit, they should pay a tax.” Land tax oversight
15 Jun 2014

Osage wind project denied

Citing a desire to preserve the unique prairie landscape on which an industrial wind-energy facility was to be located, an Osage County public board voted Thursday to deny a permit needed to allow construction of the 68-turbine Mustang Run project.
9 May 2014

Wind decision delayed

TradeWinds Energy is the second company in three years that has attempted construction of a wind-turbine farm on a wide stretch of prairie along U.S. Highway 60. In August 2011, Wind Capital Group survived its public hearing and was granted a conditional use permit needed to begin building a facility. Two years later, the project was sold to TradeWinds by Wind Capital.
11 Apr 2014
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