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Why Oklahoma’s wind energy future could be shaped by Osage County

The little tallgrass prairie that remains in Oklahoma has survived because it’s rocky and elevated above the plain, which, historically, made it hard for farmers to plow. But that elevation has attracted interest from wind developers, which is why Hamilton says the Conservancy is fighting to keep TradeWind Energy’s 16,000-acre Mustang Run project from breaking ground near the preserve.
24 Jul 2014

Old friends face off in Oklahoma wind farm debate

Robson is spending money on the fight, too. He has hired two lobbyists to counter representatives of wind energy, employs a marketing expert and is starting an effort called WindWaste to publicize the state’s wind policies. “They’re sucking all of the money out of the state budget to subsidize the wind energy,” Robson said. “Let them be like we are in business. If they make a profit, they should pay a tax.” Land tax oversight
15 Jun 2014

Osage wind project denied

Citing a desire to preserve the unique prairie landscape on which an industrial wind-energy facility was to be located, an Osage County public board voted Thursday to deny a permit needed to allow construction of the 68-turbine Mustang Run project.
9 May 2014

Wind decision delayed

TradeWinds Energy is the second company in three years that has attempted construction of a wind-turbine farm on a wide stretch of prairie along U.S. Highway 60. In August 2011, Wind Capital Group survived its public hearing and was granted a conditional use permit needed to begin building a facility. Two years later, the project was sold to TradeWinds by Wind Capital.
11 Apr 2014

Washington court ruling keeps spin on Whistling Ridge Windfarm plan

Nathan Baker, a staff attorney for FOCG, said the Aug. 29 Supreme Court decision “isn’t the final say in the matter.” “According to the Supreme Court, several issues are yet to be resolved, including wildlife mitigation and forest practices. In the words of the Supreme Court, these issues are not yet ‘ripe.’” Baker added, “Friends and SOSA will continue to participate in the public process on these and other unresolved issues.”
7 Sep 2013

Tribe fighting construction of Osage County wind project

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has scheduled a Sept. 12 meeting with representatives from the Osage Nation and Wind Capitol Group, agency officials said. More than a dozen eagle-take applications have been filed with the federal agency since Wind Capital submitted its request in October 2012 - but, to date, no permits have been granted. Officials expect the Osage Wind application to be the first considered.
5 Sep 2013

Piedmont councilman voted out in recall election

A Piedmont city councilman who faced a recall election Tuesday lost after one of his two challengers pulled in nearly 55 percent of the vote. Councilman Vernon Woods received 35.7 percent of the vote Tuesday night.Pam Suttles, a local resident who led the charge to hold the recall election, said many local residents became upset with Woods after he continued to meet with representatives of Apex Wind Energy Inc. after city officials decided not to allow the massive turbines to be erected within Piedmont city limits.
14 Aug 2013

Citizens seek wind farm moratorium

Canadian County Commissioners have been asked to place a moratorium on construction of new wind energy towers in northeast Canadian County. Several concerned residents, worried about a project that will bring large wind turbines to the Piedmont area. "It is a big county concern," County Commission Chairman Jack Stewart said.
5 Dec 2012

$1.2 million in liens filed against Chisholm View Wind Project

Officials with Trade Wind Energy and Chisholm View Wind Project LLC managing member Enel Green Power North America, did not respond to requests for comment on the liens. An official with GE Financial Services, the other parent company for Chisholm View Wind Project LLC, declined to comment on the grounds GE is the "non-managing member and does not control day-to-day operations."
17 Nov 2012
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