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Wind farm fight in northeast Oklahoma spurs call for more regulation

Wyrick said his bill was a request from several constituents in his district in the northeast part of the state. The bill was an attempt to start a conversation as wind farm developments move closer to populated areas and outside the western half of the state where the wind potential is greater, he said. “It was kind of a surprise to me that there were proposals to move those fields of wind energy that far east,” Wyrick said. “When the people that I represent directly have concerns, then I have concerns.
13 Feb 2014

Senate committee passes bill adding regulations to Oklahoma wind farms

The Oklahoma Senate Energy Committee heard from wind development opponents and supporters and moved along legislation that would strengthen existing law for the decommissioning of wind turbines and add permitting requirements at the local level. ...Tammy Huffstutlar now has 11 turbines nearby. "The flicker turns formerly pleasant sunrises and sunsets into nausea-filled bouts of vertigo. The audible noise from the turbines makes our outdoor activities tension-filled periods, which are cut short to minimize the unpleasant experience.”
13 Feb 2014

County Commissioner: “Wind farm is a hazard to pilots”

“There are airplanes, there’s farm planes,” he said.  “What if you have med flights to somebody that’s a farmer or somebody in that area that’s had health problems?  They would be in trouble flying into those without their blinking lights.” Atlantic Power owns and operates this wind farm and their crews are currently working on restoring the damaged power lines and poles.
9 Jan 2014

Osage Nation criticizes eagle-death rule change

The federal government's decision to allow companies to seek authorization to kill and harm golden and bald eagles without penalty has come under fire from the Osage Nation. The wind energy industry requested the change, and President Barack Obama's administration announced its decision last week.
11 Dec 2013

Nature Conservancy joins Osage Nation in pledge to protect eagles

In response to concerns about dangers the turbines represent to birds and other flying creatures, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is expected to propose changes to Golden and Bald Eagle Management Regulations. Several tribes and Native American organizations have joined with the Osages in planning opposition to any changes that would call for the removal or relocating of eagle nests.“Moving the nests could be detrimental, and cannot be tolerated”
24 Oct 2013

Lesser prairie chickens down by half in one year

In 2012, there were an estimated 34,000 lesser prairie chickens across their grassland range, which includes portions of Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Colorado. Kansas is home to about half the country's lesser prairie chicken population. This year's survey showed the bird's population has declined by about half, down to an estimated 17,600 total in the five states.
13 Oct 2013

Osage County wind development sale raises concerns

"No one should view this project as a done-deal," explained BigHorse. "There are still multiple federal approvals the developer, whomever it may ultimately be, must obtain. These federal reviews and approvals are meant to protect the eagles that fly over our lands and our cultural heritage. The Osage Nation will do whatever it takes to ensure our resources are protected."
19 Sep 2013

Washington court ruling keeps spin on Whistling Ridge Windfarm plan

Nathan Baker, a staff attorney for FOCG, said the Aug. 29 Supreme Court decision “isn’t the final say in the matter.” “According to the Supreme Court, several issues are yet to be resolved, including wildlife mitigation and forest practices. In the words of the Supreme Court, these issues are not yet ‘ripe.’” Baker added, “Friends and SOSA will continue to participate in the public process on these and other unresolved issues.”
7 Sep 2013

Tribe fighting construction of Osage County wind project

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has scheduled a Sept. 12 meeting with representatives from the Osage Nation and Wind Capitol Group, agency officials said. More than a dozen eagle-take applications have been filed with the federal agency since Wind Capital submitted its request in October 2012 - but, to date, no permits have been granted. Officials expect the Osage Wind application to be the first considered.
5 Sep 2013
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