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Project not affected

J.P. Morgan has announced its stake in a $220 million funding package for the Chisholm View Wind Project will not be affected by a $4.4 billion second-quarter loss. The investment firm announced last Friday it took a $4.4 billion second-quarter loss in investments made by the company's Chief Investment Office in London.
19 Jul 2012

All (Green) Thumbs

It was a government subsidy industry where in exchange for creating conscience-soothing but otherwise inefficient windmills and solar panels, the government gave the makers piles of cash consumers never would. ...The reason the Spanish example is so important is that it demonstrates how the whole green energy "revolution" was really an ideologically driven green boondoggle from the start.
3 Jun 2012

Wind farm gets federal judge's OK despite Osage tribe's concerns

A federal judge has ruled that St. Louis-based Wind Capital Group LLC's proposed wind farm in northern Oklahoma can go forward over objections that it would interfere with the Osage Nation's ability to produce oil and gas from the same lands. The ruling issued Thursday afternoon by U.S. District Judge Gregory Frizzell in Tulsa, Okla., comes just a day after the opening of a trial in the case.
17 Dec 2011

Birds in balance: When green goals collide

Hardly a week goes by without the American Bird Conservancy sending me a press release about birds being killed at wind farms, a problem in the pursuit of clean energy. Yet the biggest bird mortality event of the past two years was the oil spill that resulted from the explosion on the Deepwater Horizon: More than 6,000 dead birds were recovered. So when does the environmental drawback of bird mortality trump a wind farm's benefit of reducing greenhouse gas emissions?
24 Nov 2011

Okla. lawmakers resume study of state tax breaks

Rep. David Dank, chairman of the Task Force on State Tax Credits and Economic Incentives, said the fact that the tax credits being analyzed are transferrable is particularly troubling. This means the tax credits are frequently sold for less than their value to reduce the tax liability of companies in an unrelated industry.
27 Oct 2011

Osage Nation files lawsuit in opposition to wind farm

The Osage Nation is concerned that 94 wind turbines and their network of electrical lines and roads would interfere with oil production and harm the delicate ecosystem of the tallgrass prairie. The complaint says each of the turbines would require extensive digging to create deep pits containing concrete foundations similar to those required in the construction of tall buildings.
19 Oct 2011

Energy plant construction stalled, not dead

Word, Eagle Claw president, said sluggish economic conditions and Washington gridlock contributed to private investors' hesitation to fund the alternative-energy project. The political fallout from the federal investigation of Solyndra, a California company that makes solar panels, didn't help either.
16 Oct 2011
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