Documents from Ohio

USA Ohio Icebreaker Offshore Wind: Complaint for declaratory and injunctive relief 11 Dec 2019
Ohio Buckeye Wind I and II withdrawal notices 6 Sep 2019
Ohio Seneca Wind: Notice of Application Withdrawal 9 Aug 2019
Ohio Notice of relinquishment and withdrawal: Black Fork Wind Farm 16 May 2019
Ohio Huron County resolution withdrawing support for Emerson Creek Wind Energy Project 19 Feb 2019
Ohio Audiologist Jerry Punch PhD public comments Seneca Wind 15 Jan 2019
Ohio Oral Arguments: In re Application of Black Fork Wind Energy LLC, Case no. 2017-0412 1 Aug 2018
Ohio Seneca County Ohio Commissioner, Michael J. Kerschner discusses wind power projects 25 Jun 2018
USA Ohio Camp Perry Wind Complaint 27 Mar 2017
Ohio ABC brief supporting disclosure of bird-bat mortality: Blue Creek Wind facility 7 Mar 2017
USA Ohio Union Neighbors United, Inc. v. Jewell 5 Aug 2016
Ohio Ohio Supreme Court ruling on Champaign Wind, L.L.C 13 Apr 2016
Ohio Ohio Supreme Court rules in favor of Champaign County Wind: Decision 13 Apr 2016
Ohio South Central Board of Education: Letter opposes wind project 22 Aug 2014
Ohio Rushcreek Township resolution opposing Scioto Ridge wind energy facility 12 Mar 2014
Ohio Supreme Court of Ohio order on Application of Buckeye Wind, L.L.C. 5 Mar 2012
Ohio Mid-Ohio Energy describes the impacts of wind turbines on wireless communications 3 Aug 2010
Ohio Report: Champaign County, OH wind turbine study group 20 May 2008
Ohio Jefferson Township wind turbine ordinance (OH) 15 Mar 2007
Illinois Indiana Ohio Pennsylvania Virginia West Virginia Maps of In-Service, Under Construction & Under Study Wind Projects in West Virginia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois 4 May 2006
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